Product content for your shop

Integrate your webshop now – your ITscope data is already there

Efficient catalog export for your ERP & procurement system

Use the ITscope catalog export to seamlessly integrate the detailed product information from ITscope into your systems. All important information such as item master data, prices and availability can be directly transferred with the add-on.

Content packages – quality data for your success

With the content packages add-on, you can access even more comprehensive, high-quality product information from 1WorldSync and Icecat via ITscope. Enrich your catalog with sales-promoting information such as technical data, marketing texts and high-resolution images.

Customised API integration – connect any ERP system to ITscope

Interfaces are available in ITscope for connecting your ERP to a large number of systems. The individual API integration offers customised solutions for other systems. This allows you to import ITscope product data and prices into any system.

Increase your sales:

Increase sales with high-quality product content