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ITscope Add-ons

Optional Add-ons for maximum performance

Unleash Your Full Potential: Enhance your package with additional features and customize ITscope even further to suit your needs. Our add-on modules offer advanced capabilities to make your processes even more efficient and optimized.

Explore the variety of our add-on modules and find the perfect complement to your package to fully realize your potential.

Compatible with both a Procure and a Sales plan:

Catalog Export

Leverage the expansive ITscope catalog data, with product info, prices, and stock levels, to expand your capabilities beyond ITscope.

Monthly invoicing of 100,000 unique exported products. Additional 100.000 products for 75€ (up to 100.000 products), additional 500.000 products for 125€ (from 500.000 products). The add-on “Content Package” is required for shop usage.

Content Package

Boost sales with appealing content from 1WorldSync.

*Only in conjunction with the “Catalog Export” add-on or the “Individual API Integration” add-on. 1WorldSync Basic 109€ per month. 1WorldSync Advanced 199€ per month. 1WorldSync Premium 299€ per month. Icecat Content Premium 299€ per month. Term according to main contract.

Standard Integration

Automatically import product data, prices, and more into your ERP system.

Invoicing according to base fee and ERP users. Further integrations to Workplace as a Service-portals possible.

Individual API Integration

Import product data, prices, and more from unconnected ERP and management systems through our API.

Billing by number of calls. 5,000 calls 99€ per month and each additional 5,000 calls 100€ per month or 50,000 calls 499€ per month and each additional 50,000 calls 150€ per month.

Only compatible with a Sales plan:

E-procurement Integration

Enable seamless ordering from customers’ E-Procurement systems with PunchOut integration.

Requires ITscope Sales Complete.
S: Order incl. order confirmation. M: Order incl. order confirmation and shipping information. L: Order incl. order confirmation, shipping information and invoice.

BMEcat Integration

The XML-based standard enables the standardized exchange of catalog data & product classification systems such as eCl@ss, ETIM and UNSPSC. It facilitates the connection to e-procurement systems and offers a clear structure for the uniform categorization and description of numerous products.

Required ITscope package: Sales Complete and the add-on Catalogue Export + BMEcat 1.2 (Meplato, SAP Ariba or citkoMarket).

Single sign-on Integration

Enables single sign-on for multiple applications and systems, eliminating the need for multiple logins.

Requires ITscope Sales Complete.

Catalog import

Import products (data, prices, stock levels, etc.) into your B2B customer portals.

S: 130€/month for up to 250 listed products. M: 200€/month for up tp 2.500 listed products. L: 300€ /month for uo to 25.000 listed products. XL: 400€ /month for up to 100.000 listed products.

Compare the plans at a glance

Compare Sales plans
Basic userSales EssentialSales AdvancedSales Complete
Searching and Finding ProductsSearch over 7 million products
Compare over 350 suppliers
Compare prices and stock levels
Manage collections
Add items to cart and prepare for checkout
Sell productsCalculate sales prices (for use on the platform, in digital offers, catalog exports, or via API)
Create and send digital offers
Manage won orders
Create and sell own products (services, subscription products, bundles)
Operating individual B2B customer shopsManagement of up to 25 customer accounts in individual customer shops
Displaying multiple sources for the end customer (multi-supplier capability)
Create your own category tree and link assortments
Define customer-specific assortments
Calculate customer-specific sales prices
Use order automation (Procure Advanced required)
Set customer-specific order conditions, budgets, and credit limits
Activate Apple CTO Finder for individual Apple configurations
Inquiry and quotation function for end customers
Evaluate usage and ordering behavior
Operating shops for industrial and corporate customersDefine approval processes
Manage end customer branches and facilitate company changes
Use classification standards for industrial catalogs (Add-on 'E-Procurement Integration' or 'BMEcat Integration' required)
Store customer-specific project conditions
Advanced comment fields in the shopping cart
Download functionTransfer won quotes and orders to your third-party system (e.g., ERP)PDF PDF / XMLPDF / XMLPDF / XML
Download ordersPDF PDF / XMLPDF / XMLPDF / XML
Download item data
Download datasheets
Synchronisation with third-party systems (e.g. ERP)
*only in conjunction with the add-on "Standard integration" or "Individual API integration"
Transfer won quotes and orders to your third-party system (e.g., ERP)
Create products in your third-party system (e.g., ERP)
Import and update prices and stocks from suppliers into your third-party system (e.g., ERP)
Create and manage exports (Add-on 'Catalog Export' required)
Compare Procure plans
Basic userProcure EssentialProcure AdvancedProcure Complete
Search and find productsFind existing and new suppliers
Browse over 7 million products
Compare over 350 suppliers
Compare prices and stock levels
Order productsAdd products to one cart
Order from suppliers
View order status
Advanced order functionsUse shopping cart optimization
Add products to multiple carts
View project prices and order at project conditions
Define approval processes
Automate routing of orders from the ITscope B2B shop to distribution (Requirement: Sales Advanced)
Download functionDownload ordersPDF PDF / XMLPDF / XMLPDF / XML
Download product data PDF PDF / XMLPDF / XMLPDF / XML
Synchronization with third-party systems (e.g. ERP)*
*only in conjunction with the "Standard integration" or "Individual API integration" add-on
Import orders into your third-party system (e.g. ERP)
Creation of products in your third-party system (e.g. ERP)
Synchronization of supplier inventories and prices from your third-party system (e.g. ERP)
Access to multiple shopping carts from different suppliers
Automated ordering via your third-party systemSend purchase orders from your third-party system (e.g. ERP)
Retrieving and synchronizing order data such as order confirmation, delivery bill, serial numbers, and invoice information

Frequently asked questions about our pricing

What is the functional scope of a “basic user”?2024-05-15T10:05:46+00:00

Basic users have read access within the platform and/or via an ERP system and can create items from the ERP system and/or also via a share tile from ITscope. You can add a basic user to your existing package (Essential, Advanced, Complete) for just €19/month.

Can I use both a Sales and a Procure plan?2023-08-07T06:29:17+00:00

Yes, you can use either Procure only or Sales only plan individually or both plans in combination.

Can a user of my company also have a higher package compared the other users?2024-05-15T10:08:44+00:00

No, this is not possible. If an upgrade is carried out, this always applies to the entire account and therefore also to each individual user. However, with every package (Essential, Advanced, Complete) you have the option of inviting your colleagues to the ITscope platform as basic users for just €19/month. Basic users have read access within the platform and/or via an ERP system and can create items from the ERP system and/or via a share tile from ITscope.

Do I get a discount if I book more than one user?2023-08-07T06:30:07+00:00

Yes, you can benefit from discounts if you book multiple users for your company account. From the fourth user and from the sixth user, you will reach the next higher discount level. The prices per user after the discount can be found in the package tables.

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