About ITscope

Transparency and independence for the ITC channel

… that’s the motto we live by every day at ITscope. We believe that information should always be available everywhere for all participants in the ITC industry. And with ITscope, we have created a platform that enables exactly this and simplifies the workflows of system houses, suppliers and manufacturers a little bit every day.


Over 7,800 active users and more than 400 distributors form all across Europe, including 70 distributors supporting fully electronic ordering (EDI)


Full market transparency thanks to over 7 million products, enhanced with product data from Icecat and 1WorldSync


Everything in one place – with seamless procurement and sales processes on one central, digital platform

ITscope enables system houses to connect customers and suppliers on a single trading platform and greatly simplifies sales and procurement. For more business. Europe-wide.

With ITscope, it immediately becomes easier for system houses to:

  • compare the entire IT market with hundreds of distributors from all over Europe, so you can find the exact product you’re looking for

  • split procurement volume across multiple sources of supply and find new suppliers with ease

  • offer customers individual shopping carts and to reliably automate procurement and sales processes

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