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Success Story: maxbenedikt & ITscope

Innovation meets efficiency: the maxbenedikt-story

How can a medium-sized system house not only keep up, but actively improve and expand its services? “We needed a tool that not only enables comparisons, but can also be deeply integrated into our existing systems,” emphasises Florian Teltscher. Read the maxbenedikt story to find out how ITscope became a game changer.

Success Story: SanData & ITscope

Digital progress in franconian style: SanData’s success with ITscope

36% increase in revenue, 33% more fully automated orders via EDI, resulting in reduced processing times and improved quality: The SanData IT Group has celebrated numerous successes in recent years. But how did SanData achieve this? You can find the answers in our joint success story.

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Efficient procurement in the ICT environment: understanding and preventing Maverick Buying

It is essential for companies in the ICT sector to keep their procurement processes efficient and transparent. In our whitepaper, you will learn how to deal with the challenge of Maverick Buying.

The practical Guide for IT Service Providers - Whitepaper

ITscope Guide

Mastering system diversity: The practical guide for IT service providers

In our whitepaper, we will show you how strategic system integration can optimize your IT infrastructure, resulting in not only cost savings but also a stronger market position. This will elevate both your company and your collaboration with customers to a new level.

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Creating personalized online experiences

Customer loyalty and the success of your company are correlated. In this guide, you will learn how to inspire and retain your customers with a targeted, personalised approach.

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Digital sales strategy for IT service providers

Discover in the white paper how digitalisation is changing the B2B business for system houses. Learn how to reach customers digitally, integrate sales channels and navigate successfully. Get your copy now for the competitive advantage of tomorrow!

Success story: MACSYSTEMS & ITscope

From local store to thriving B2B online business

Discover the success secrets of MACSYSTEMS GmbH! Download our exclusive whitepaper now and learn how Dirk Nesner and Erdal Batu mastered the leap from regional system house to successful online company. Get valuable insights into their strategies and learn how you too can be successful in the digital world.

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IT sales next level: How to increase your customer reach

Staying ahead in the competitive market while expanding sales opportunities – this is the challenge IT companies face today. In this guide, you’ll learn how multi-channel sales with ITscope can help you move away from a single sales channel and broaden your focus!

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Optimise IT purchasing in 5 steps

In this guide, you’ll learn how ITscope makes it easy to manage your procurement processes centrally via one platform and thus make them more efficient. Download now for free!

Cover page ITscope E-Procurement Guide for System Houses

ITscope e-procurement guide

Tame the uncontrolled sprawl of systems

How do system houses succeed in creating sustainable customer loyalty? An important building block for this is the connection of your customers’ e-procurement systems to your customer portal.


ITscope guide

Digital sales for system houses

More revenue & better customer retention with individual portals? Digitalise your customer’s procurement and gain precious time with process automation. Download the free guide now!

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