Integrations for E-Procurement systems

Smooth procurement experience for your customers

Want to make your catalogues available to your customers, but don’t have the time to take care of regular updates?
The inclusion of further products into your catalogue fails mainly because you are not able to show up-to-date prices daily?
Your customer would like to process orders electronically from their own ERP system or via an E-Procurement system, but your ERP lacks the necessary integration solution?
Would you sell even more if your customers could view not just contract items, but your full product range at up-to-date prices and stock levels?

Up-to-date data is particularly important in creating a seamless procurement experience – and must be made accessible to your customers’ respective E-Procurement systems. Manually updating catalogue data is one way to do this, but it is much quicker and, above all, less complicated to deploy an E-Procurement integration via PunchOut connection or compatible exports, such as a BMEcat export.

It’s simply a huge advantage that ITscope not only has comprehensive expertise regarding its own product but also a deep understanding of the external systems used by our customers. Without this expertise, the integration, for example, of SAP Ariba, probably wouldn’t have gone as smoothly.

Daniel Mandic, SanData EDV-Systemhaus GmbH

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PunchOut integration for your customers’ E-Procurement system?
That’s possible – with the ITscope B2B Shop as your unique customer portal.

The guide shows you

  • how system houses and IT resellers can reduce costs and create lasting customer loyalty through efficient processes

  • why a PunchOut integration is also worthwhile for you
  • how to create a seamless procurement experience for your customers with E-Procurement integrations
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Advantages of a PunchOut connection
to E-Procurement systems

Basis for a successful customer relationship

Deciding for a PunchOut integration pays off: it allows you to create the basis for sustainable customer loyalty and a long-term partnership.

New cross-selling

Getting ‘listed’ as a partner by the business customer facilitates the possibility of generating further sales with additional products.

Win new customers

Due to the increasing prevalence of E-Procurement systems, offering a PunchOut connection can be used as an acquisition tool to gain customers.

Information in realtime

PunchOut catalogues provide buyers with relevant product information such as current prices and stock levels, as well as any discounts and shipping costs incurred – all in realtime.

Individual customisation

The catalogues can be specially adapted to your customers’ contract agreements, as can categories, shipping methods and ordering methods, as well as supplementary images and product information.

Do your customers use E-Procurement systems
such as SAP Ariba or Onventis?

With the cloud-based B2B Shop system, you fulfil all the requirements necessary for a PunchOut integration to these systems. The basis is both the ITscope platform and ITscope customer order portals, which allow you to easily map individual assortments, categorisations, price rules and much more as catalogues for your business customers.

By way of a PunchOut integration, the customised B2B shop is connected to the E-Procurement portal of your business customer (in this example SAP Ariba), so your customer can process orders directly from their own system. They simply log in to the portal via PunchOut from within SAP Ariba, fill the shopping cart, and have it automatically transfer to SAP Ariba, generating an order in the customer system. Via the B2B Shop, the order can then be forwarded electronically to the distributor and also transferred as an order to the customer’s own ERP system (in this example weclapp).

Would you like to learn more about E-Procurement integration via PunchOut connection or the B2B Shop? We would be happy to advise you!

Integrations for E-Procurement systems


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Your system isn’t listed?

Thanks to our export function, you can also integrate ITscope individually into other E-Procurement systems. Technical information about integrating your system is available in our ITscope Guide.

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