ITscope Procure Advanced

IT procurement reorganised: Optimise the shopping cart and improve the ordering process

More than just orders: Focus on advanced features

For system houses and IT service providers who want to further optimise their procurement, ITscope Procure Advanced offers additional features that go far beyond price and stock comparisons. Ordering processes are not only simplified, but also strategically optimised. From multi-shopping cart functionality and shopping cart optimisation to customised project pricing, approvals and order limits – ITscope is the solution for companies that want to be one step ahead in their ordering process.

Work efficiently and remain flexible across all departments

Extended Procurement Services not only streamlines the ordering process, but also gives you the flexibility to tailor it to your needs. Control project pricing, set up approval processes and define order limits to effectively enforce your corporate policy.

Comprehensive benefits of ITscope Procure Advanced

A new level of control in IT procurement

Use multiple shopping baskets

The multi-shopping cart feature allows you to create several shopping carts at the same time. Organise your Procurement in a clear and structured way – perfect for projects and different departments.

Organise your procurement

The ability to create multiple shopping carts not only makes your purchasing process clearer, but also much more efficient. Each project or department can manage its own shopping cart, which significantly simplifies the ordering process.

Optimise your shopping carts

Shopping cart optimisation is a highlight of ITscope Procure Advanced. Get the best price or the minimum number of supply sources for your product selection at the touch of a button. This allows you to utilise the power of the ITscope platform to make your orders as cost-efficient and targeted as possible.

Freigabeprozesse und Bestelllimits

Behalten Sie die volle Kontrolle über Ihre Ausgaben. ITscope ermöglicht es Ihnen, spezifische Freigabeprozesse zu definieren und Bestelllimits für Ihr Team festzulegen. So stellen Sie sicher, dass jede Bestellung, die Ihren festgelegten Rahmen übersteigt, einer sorgfältigen Prüfung unterzogen wird.

The high level of automation brings us significant benefits. Many processes that we used to do manually in previous years have been gradually digitalised. This is one of the biggest success factors for us.

Thomas Zenger, SanData EDV-Systemhaus GmbH

Access the ITscope product catalogue

Benefit from our extensive catalogue with data on over products from more than 350 suppliers in all our procurement packages. Compare prices and stock levels directly on our platform and make informed purchasing decisions. Book your demo appointment or register for instant access during your free month trial.


Optimise and automate your ordering process

ITscope Procure Advanced offers system houses the opportunity to make their ordering process more efficient through automation. Features such as shopping cart optimisation, individual approval processes and order limits save IT service providers valuable time in their day-to-day business. Benefit from improved process control to manage orders accurately and cost-effectively.

Efficient procurement and distribution solutions –

all in one system.

Efficient procurement and distribution solutions –

all in one system.