WooCommerce by SyncSpider

The smart eCommerce middleware for your ITscope-Shopify connection

Connecting Shopify to ITscope –
made easy with SyncSpider

With SyncSpider, you can connect ITscope with your WooCommerce webshop. This allows you to send products or collections directly from ITscope to your webshop with the Webhook integration, for example, or you can have SyncSpider fetch entire product collections.

In addition to all of the product information, SyncSpider also fetches images and product datasheets into your system. The mapping screen allows you to use drag-and-drop to route the data from ITscope to the intended destinations. Individual fields mean you can make use of various functions, edit your data during a transfer, connect or extract fields.

Smooth interaction between your systems

Connect all your eCommerce channels with SyncSpider and include ERP systems, fulfilment partners, marketplaces and file-based data sources (CSV, XML, TXT, etc.). Design workflows and simplify your daily business processes.

Data processing & matching

SyncSpider allows you to batch-process your data for extra efficiency. Send mass product updates from Shopify to ITscope or vice versa. You can even trigger batch processing from a CSV file: simply upload a file or connect FTP/sFTP servers, Google Drive, Citrix Sharefile or even local Windows drives and automate the transfer of data, including images, in regular intervals. Processing supplier data or data feeds has never been this quick!

SyncSpider also connects easily to your Windows software, and can read and write your data from local SQL databases. Use this feature to, for example, fetch your product data from ITscope and write it directly into your database.

Further information

available with an ITscope Plan + Add-on Catalog Export



  • Add new products from ITscope

  • Prices and stock level updates

  • Scheduled automation

  • Transfer of images and datasheets

Provider & conditions

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