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Order directly from the ERP system2024-06-12T12:10:58+00:00

Order directly from the ERP system

Procure over 7 million products via your ERP

After you have learnt how to create ITscope articles in your ERP system, the next step is to control the ordering process directly from your ERP system. This allows you to work efficiently in your day-to-day work as a system house or IT service provider by saving time and minimising sources of error. You can order ITscope products via your ERP and send incoming orders directly from your ERP to distribution. The features are included inITscope Procure Complete in combination with a standard integration or an individual API integration – we recommend the ERP Bundle.

Advantages of ordering directly from the ERP system

Increased efficiency

Reduce manual effort and speed up your processes.


Maintain a complete overview of all order processes in your company.

Error minimisation

Automatic data transfer prevents input errors and ensures fewer errors in your system.

Use cases

ITscope integration with ERP Systems

Direct ordering via ITscope is organised differently depending on the ERP system – for example, via a button in the customer offer for an order-related order and/or for general orders. These screenshots of the ERP systems weclapp and Microsoft Dynamics BC/NAV give you an insight into the working environments and show how you can benefit from the advantages of the ITscope trading platform for ITC products within your ERP system.

Order directly from the distributor

Trigger orders in your ERP system and send them to distribution via ITscope

You can trigger orders in these ERP systems and transfer them to distributors and resellers via EDI using the ITscope interface. You can also transfer orders placed on the ITscope platform to the ERP via some interfaces, for example weclapp. Click on the logos for further information on the ERP systems.

weclapp Logo
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

This is how it works:

ITscope order from the ERP system

Direct ordering via ITscope is simple and intuitive in all connected ERP systems, but differs in functionality and presentation depending on the system.

  • Integration with distributors: The integration between ITscope and ERP systems makes it possible to process orders completely electronically. This also includes the automatic exchange of documents such as order confirmations, delivery notes and pro forma invoices. Currently, 70 suppliers support EDI integration.

  • Fast information exchange: Current prices and stock levels can be checked in real time, which saves a considerable amount of time and minimises the risk of incorrect orders.

  • Digital sales opportunities: ITscope not only enables the optimisation of procurement processes, but also supports digital sales. The platform can be used for offers and complex sales processes, whereby customers can respond directly to offers.

Practical examples: Order directly from the ERP system

See how orders from Systemhaus-One and Microsoft Dynamics BC/NAV are sent electronically to distributors via the ITscope interface. (Video only available in German)

The future of ERP integration with ITscope

With ITscope, you can not only create articles in your ERP, but also order them directly.

The practical Guide for IT Service Providers - Whitepaper

ITscope Guide:

Mastering system diversity

In our white paper, we show you how you can optimise your IT infrastructure, save costs and strengthen your market position through strategic system integration.

Your benefits with an ITscope integration

  • Time saving: Significantly reduce the effort required to maintain article master data. The connection to ITscope gives you direct access to 7 Mio. products including comprehensive product data, current prices and availability.

  • Error reduction: Significantly reduce manual input errors by using automated processes.

  • Market overview: Get a clear overview of the prices and availability of more than 350 ICT suppliers.

  • Flexibility and control: Even with automated processes, you retain complete control over the item creation. You decide which data is transferred to your system.

Frequently asked questions about the ITscope ERP integration

What is the advantage of integrating ITscope into my ERP system?2024-06-12T11:39:24+00:00

The integration of ITscope into your ERP system allows you to update product information and prices directly in your ERP system. This leads to considerable time savings in product research and maintenance. Automated processes reduce errors that can occur with manual data transfer and improve responsiveness to market changes.

How does the connection of ERP systems with ITscope improve ordering processes?2024-06-12T11:39:51+00:00

By directly connecting ERP systems with ITscope, ordering processes can be significantly accelerated and automated. IT service providers and resellers benefit from faster processing, as availability and prices can be queried in realtime and orders can be placed directly from the system. This not only simplifies processes, but also increases the accuracy of orders and reduces storage costs thanks to more precise order quantities.

Can the ITscope platform replace my existing ERP solution?2024-06-12T11:39:43+00:00

No, ITscope is designed as a supplement to existing ERP and ERP systems and not as a replacement. The platform serves to expand your existing systems with specific functions, such as direct access to extensive product catalogues, current market prices and availability, the integration of distributors and the automation of the ordering process. ITscope therefore optimises procurement processes without replacing the basic structure of your ERP or ERP system.

Creating articles in the ERP system

The ITscope integration into your ERP system enables precise and automated article creation, which simplifies your work processes.

Individual API integration

Import product data, prices, etc. even for ERP and merchandise management systems that are not integrated as standard.

Seamless process improvements

Read our blog post to find out about the key benefits of a seamless interface solution for IT service providers.