equipme integration

Optimise your bundling of products and offer your customers as-a-Service products

About the equipme integration

The integration for equipme provides you with all the prerequisites for combining hardware, software and Managed Services on a single platform, simplifying the bundling of products with value-added services. Not just the selling, but also the administration of your Managed Services are automated.


  • Optimised interaction to reduce sales and administrative effort
  • Automated addition of items eliminates manual processes and sources of error
  • High-quality product data is provided in equipme via the integration, enabling optimal bundling of hardware and services
  • With the flexible ITscope price calculation feature, items are transferred directly with their respective sales prices

available starting from: Sales Essential + Add-on Standard Integration


  • equipme


  • Product search directly from within equipme, using manufacturer article number, EAN or ITscope ID

  • Direct creation and addition of items to the system

  • Add items from ITscope to equipme at the click of a button

  • Transfer of calculated ITscope sales prices

  • Datasheets, product descriptions and images are integrated from ITscope *Requirement: Add-on Content Package

Provider & conditions

equipme GmbH
Tel. +49 6196 5826 000

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Find out more and test the integration!

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