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APC – A history of innovation in physical IT infrastructures

Over the past nearly four decades, APC has become the industry standard for reliable power and physical IT infrastructures. Today, we are the leading provider in IT departments large and small, as well as in our extensive channel partner community. Our history of innovation has put our products in the global spotlight thanks to infrastructure, management and data protection solutions that protect businesses around the world.

In 2007, APC was acquired by Schneider Electric, a multinational European company known worldwide for its expertise in power management and automation.

As a leading brand, APC now covers the IT-oriented product portfolio of the Schneider Electric Group and dovetails with the other business units to ensure comprehensive solutions in all areas, such as automation and control technology, building automation and installation technology.


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Partnerships with our resellers are very important to us. That’s why we offer several programme certifications as part of our IT Solution Provider programme, so our partners can focus on the core solutions and areas of expertise that are important to their customers. Learn more about the benefits of our programme, sales and marketing support and become a partner today.


“Green Premium” One eco-label, many benefits

The planet’s environment presents challenges in several areas: Energy efficiency and lower CO2 emissions to combat climate change, lower material consumption and optimal recycling to preserve raw materials, proper handling of hazardous substances and waste to preserve biodiversity as well as personal safety …

Particularly in the electrical and electronics sector, measures are being taken to address the areas of hazardous substances, energy efficiency, recycling and waste. In this way, national and international committees are trying to protect the planet by enacting regulations that require environmentally friendly products, require proper waste management and restrict the use of certain hazardous substances and chemicals.

Products and solutions

Around the world, businesses in all industries rely on Schneider Electric products to keep their data centre up and running. When maximum availability and guaranteed uptime are essential, you can rely on our APC solutions for uninterruptible power supply, data security and surge protection.

The right rack solutions for any IT environment are also available. Discover the wide range of rack systems, power distributors and accessories here.

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