Article creation via ITscope interface

Create ITscope products in ERP

Thanks to ITscope’s ERP interfaces, you can optimise your company’s processes in no time at all. Smooth integration with your ERP system enables accurate and automated item creation, simplifying your workflow. Whether through the standard integration or the customised API integration in combination with an ITscope Procure or Sales package. This saves you time and can significantly reduce errors in data maintenance.

Benefit from adding items with ITscope

Increase efficiency

By automating processes, you can increase the efficiency of your team and optimise the use of your resources.

Stay up to date

Always use the latest product information, article master data and prices directly from ITscope.

Reduce sources of error

By minimising manual entry, you can significantly reduce sources of error and improve the quality of data in your system.

Practical example

ITscope connection to ERP systems.

Depending on the ERP provider, there are different ways to create items in the ERP via ITscope. These screenshots from the ERP systems Systemhaus.One and weclapp will give you an impression.

Add items to ERP with ITscope.

These ERP systems allow you to add items to the ERP via ITscope. Click on the logos for more information on weclapp, SITE and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

weclapp Logo
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

This is how it works:

Adding items made easy

Thanks to the ERP interfaces, you can access the comprehensive ITscope product catalogue and automatically transfer the desired items to your ERP system – including comprehensive product data.

  • Set up integration: Connect your ERP system to ITscope.

  • Search for items: Access a comprehensive database of product details and prices.

  • Create with one click: Transfer items directly into your ERP system with all relevant data.

  • Stay up to date: Depending on the ERP system, updates are automatic or can be triggered manually.

Want an example? See how articles from the ERP system weclapp can be created with ITscope. Video only available in German.


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The practical Guide for IT Service Providers - Whitepaper

ITscope Guide:

Mastering system diversity

Read our white paper to find out how you can optimise your IT infrastructure, save costs and strengthen your market position through strategic systems integration.

Your benefits with an ITscope integration

  • Save time: Spend less time maintaining product data. The ITscope connection gives you direct access to more than 7 million products, including product data, pricing and availability.

  • Error reduction: Minimise manual entry errors through automated processes.

  • Market overview: Track prices and availability from over 350 ITC suppliers.
  • Flexibility and control: Despite the automation, you retain full control over the Add Item process and can decide which information to transfer.

The future of ERP integration with ITscope

With ITscope, you can not only create items in your ERP, but also order them directly.

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