Service & Support

Individual support or long-term support – the choice is yours!

Basic Support

Customers receive Basic Support with an inclusive package of 30 minutes quarterly. This allows ITscope to extend the range of our services at a fixed price – according to your needs. For services that go beyond the included level, our support rate is 30€ for each 15 minutes.

Premium Support

For all customers who work intensively with our products or like to receive comprehensive support, we offer Premium Support with two hours included quarterly. This allows us to extend the scope of our services at a fixed price – according to your needs. For services that go beyond the inclusive range, our support rate of 30 euros for each 15minutes applies.

Our services include:

  • cross-topic support and consulting
  • support for ITscope API / Export
  • consulting on integration concepts for your application and their implementation
  • set up supplier accounts
  • employee management
  • set up price calculation
  • other platform settings
  • …and much more

Individual support for your project

We are happy to advise you on setting up exports or other detailed questions that arise when using our products. Our support rate is 30 euros per quarter of an hour or part thereof; you will receive information in advance about any costs that may arise.

We are happy to answer your questions about individual set-up, extended help, tutorial programme functions and offer you support for the conversion of your merchandise management system or a changeover to electronic invoicing processes and much more.


ITscope(Supplier) Enterprise
Premium Support Contract (contains 2 hours of support and consulting services per quartal)49 €/month
Support and consulting30 €/ 15min
Consulting packageso/r

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Our FAQ answers the most frequently asked questions. If you still have questions, please contact our support team.

Online help & ticket system

Do you have a question about our products? In our ITscope Guide you will find documentation on the ITscope web platform, export and API, listings and other services. You can also send queries to our support, which we will be happy to answer.

Feedback & Ideas

You have great ideas for new features within ITscope and want to share them with us ?

Then let’s hear your feedback!