High-quality product data for your ERP and shop systems

Import comprehensive product content from CNET and Icecat automatically into your core system.

Augment your core systems

For shop owners

Automatically fill your shop: add new products and let existing items be updated automatically. This allows you to increase your product range by 100k articles and more in one strike.

Thanks to high-resolution product images with multiple product views, sales-promoting marketing texts, detailed technical data, compatible accessories references and filter attributes, your customers will see everything they need to make their purchase decision. Prices and availabilities can be imported directly to be used in the front-end of your web shop, too

For ERP users

Use ITscope as an upstream catalogue: ITscope lets you import all required articles into your ERP with only one click — and will only import the articles you need.

All information, e.g. item master data, prices and real-time availabilities, is imported into your core system automatically. This helps you to augment your customer quotes with the most up-to-date information, regardless of whether you create them in your ERP or using ITscope.

For PIM systems

Upload data into your product information management system automatically and from a single source. Thanks to clean and pre-structured ITscope content, you can refine your data easily and conveniently for further use within your PIM system.

All benefits at a glance

Unmatched coverage with images and technical data

ITscope provides you with visual materials and product specifications from content providers Icecat, CNET and ITscope, combined and enriched with data from suppliers and manufacturers. Profit from a data coverage of 90% and more in relevant product segments.


Content typeIcecatCNETITscope / all sources
Datasheets57642 (83%)46576 (67%)61504 (88%)
Images56216 (81%)39807 (57%)59515 (85%)
Marketing copy35487 (51%)28217 (40%)44910 (64%)

Source ITscope, November 2018

Tech Data:

Content typeIcecatCNETITscope / all sources
Datasheets46077 (62%)66787 (90%)70407 (95%)
Images45415 (61%)50212 (68%)64252 (87%)
Marketing copy26814 (36%)50857 (68%)57433 (77%)

Source: ITscope, November 2018


Content typeIcecatCNETITscope / all sources
Datasheets4496 (83%)4392 (81%)4856 (90%)
Images4407 (82%)3415 (63%)4969 (92%)
Marketing copy2968 (55%)2914 (54%)4008 (74%)

Source ITscope, November 2018


Content typeIcecatCNETITscope / all sources
Datasheets26332 (80%)25640 (77%)29042 (88%)
Images25954 (78%)20016 (60%)28047 (85%)
Marketing copy16936 (51%)16242 (49%)22563 (68%)

Source: ITscope, November 2018


Content typeIcecatCNETITscope / all sources
Datasheets7599 (85%)7252 (81%)8016 (90%)
Images7461 (84%)6139 (69%)7989 (90%)
Marketing copy5042 (56%)5778 (65%)6975 (78%)

Source: ITscope, November 2018

ITscope provides 1st tier content

ITscope provides 1st tier content, high-quality visual material, and numerous other benefits that help e-tailers to facilitate their sales processes. All necessary data is available from one API and integrated automatically into our shop. We even handle customer orders through the ITscope system all-automatically.

Martin Kotzur