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Add-on: Catalog Export

Ensuring superior product information

Use ITscope’s extensive catalog data (product information, pricing, stock levels) beyond its platform.

For ERP systems

Use ITscope as an upstream catalogue

ITscope lets you import all required items into your ERP with only one click — and will only import the items you need. All important information, e.g. item master data, prices and realtime availabilities, is imported into your core system automatically. This helps you to augment your customer quotes with the most up-to-date information, regardless of whether you create them in your ERP system or using ITscope.

Add-on: Catalog Export

Minimum 100.000 products for

75€ / month
  • Monthly billing for exported unique products
  • Each additional 100.000 products for 75€

  • Full User in Sales / Procure required

  • Pricing calculation requires a Sales plan

  • Add-on: Content Packages required for use in online shop.

For online shops

Say goodbye to the hassle of manual product updates and hello to automation for your shop’s inventory management.

Allow for easy creation of new products and automatic updates of existing items. This will instantly expand your inventory by 100,000 or more products. Quality product content is crucial, including high-resolution images from multiple angles, persuasive marketing copy, detailed technical specifications, accessory references, and filter capabilities so that your customers have all the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions. Additionally, prices and availability can easily be updated in your webshop’s frontend.

Boost sales with 1WorldSync Premium content package

Optimal coverage with images and technical specifications

ITscope provides image material and product specifications from Icecat, 1WorldSync, and ITscope, along with supplier and manufacturer data, achieving over 90% coverage in relevant product segments

Systeam Deutschland
Content type1WorldSyncITscope / all sources
Data sheets29.886 (75%)31.863 (80%)
Images26.344 (66%)31.241 (78%)
Marketing texts20.652 (52%)23.846 (60%)
Source ITscope, February 2023
Content type1WorldSyncITscope / all sources
Data sheets7.229 (55%)7.881 (60%)
Images6.307 (48%)7.889 (60%)
Marketing texts5.731 (43%)6.284 (48%)
Source ITscope, February 2023
Content type1WorldSyncITscope / all sources
Data sheets4.621 (84%)5.134 (93%)
Images4.105 (75%)4.994 (91%)
Marketing texts3.595 (65%)3.903 (71%)
Source ITscope, February 2023
Content type1WorldSyncITscope / all sources
Data sheets68.551 (70%)83.740 (86%)
Images50.373 (52%)70.977 (73%)
Marketing texts51.310 (53%)59.972 (62%)
Source ITscope, February 2023
api Deutschland
Content type1WorldSyncITscope / all sources
Data sheets75.590 (73%)94.682 (92%)
Images63.576 (62%)92.816 (90%)
Marketing texts49.972 (48%)61.792 (60%)
Source ITscope, February 2023