Onventis E-Procurement system integration

Seamless procurement experience for your customers

Connect directly to ITscope

Easily connect your customer’s Onventis E-Procurement system directly to ITscope – thanks to our ready-made integrations, it’s a breeze!

With the help of a PunchOut connection, the customised B2B Shop can be linked to Onventis, allowing customers to process orders directly from within their own system. From Onventis, they can simply log into the B2B portal via PunchOut, fill the shopping cart, and have it automatically transferred back to Onventis to generate an order in the customer system. Via the B2B Shop, the order can then be forwarded electronically to distributors, or transferred as an order to your own ERP system.

Added value for you and your customers

Create added value for customers and yourself with an E-Procurement integration. Not only does it allow you to transmit relevant item information in realtime and customise catalogs to meet your customers’ needs, it also gives you the opportunity to generate additional business with complementary products shown to your customers. Contract loyalty to your system house increases thanks to the simple and practical procurement process – and your supplier rating improves at the same time.

For many business customers, an integration for their E-Procurement systems is also an important must-have – your integration therefore becomes a deciding factor for new customers. Last but not least, you also create the basis for a sustainable and long-term partnership with your customers.

Onventis Anbindung



  • OCI & XML


  • PunchOut catalogs (dynamic catalog)
  • BMEcat catalogs (static catalog)

Find out more and test this integration:

Find out more and test this integration!

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