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Release notes for update 2019.19

General improvements

  • Added trial support for HTTPS domains for offerings. For this the own offer domain must be deposited as CNAME on secure.itquote.de and the old DNS A entry must be removed. After the conversion, all existing links with this domain will automatically be redirected to HTTPS. Depending on the set TTL of the old entry it can take up to several hours until the new DNS entry is available.
  • When entering an invalid URL if the user is already on a page, the user now receives a more meaningful error message.

B2B Suite

  • In the case of invitations to a B2B shop, there may still be display problems with the company logo. As a first remedy, the version number has been added to the image URL to ensure that the latest version is loaded.
  • On the shopping board in B2B-Suite and ITscope.com it is now again possible to move orders by drag-n-drop between the columns.