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Release Notes for Update 2019.50

The changes made this week concern our API, which now supports the compression of XML and JSON files, the product header which now displays the different kinds of available non-retail prices and carts within B2B portals which have received a usability update.

API & Export

From Monday, 16.12.2019 in the evening, the endpoints of the ITscope Product API will also support compressed transmission (“Content-Encoding: gzip”). From that point, all clients sending requests with the HTTP header “Accept-Encoding: gzip” will receive the XML or JSON response compressed with gzip. Browsers already set the header by default. However, if you retrieve XML/JSON via the product API or product exports with other clients, you can save traffic with the following settings:-

  • curl: Use “curl –compressed” to compress the data and extract it immediately.
  • wget: wget -q -O- –header=”Accept-Encoding: gzip” <url> | gzip -cdf > export.xml
  • For other clients, please refer to the documentation on how to set the Accept Encoding header in the request.

The use is optional. However, in case you make a lot of requests or download large XML or JSON exports , we would appreciate it if you use compression. This will also speed up the transfer.

Suppliers & Prices

  • The product header now features the non-retail prices in their specific sub categories (bulk, refurbished etc.).
  • The price calculation table containing the price rules has received a visual overhaul.
  • Order sent to the distributor Conrad will now be sent to their EDI system.
  • Bytec Bodry Technology GmbH, Vikings Tech Group A/S und Biurteksa UAB have been added to ITscope.
  • Orders can be sent to Bytec now.

B2B Suite

  • Proprietors can now specify whether the SKU and EAN are visible to portal customers.
  • The ability to share collections was moved to the action menu.
  • We made sure that the adding of non-retail products to carts selects the correct wares.
  • It is now possible to create new carts directly from the header bar.