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Release Notes for Update 2020.32

This update includes two new features concerning B2B product files, as well as a bug fix for the REST API.

B2B Suite

  • For product files, it is possible to specify that instead of the stock level from the imported list, the stock level provided by the upstream supplier of the product is used, even if this supplier is not visible to the portal customer.
  • By changing the status of a B2B product file to ‘assortment definition’, the file can be used solely for the purpose of defining an assortment. In this case, the selected upstream suppliers for the product will appear in the same way as if the product had been placed on a product list.


  • Delivery and invoice addresses were incorrectly displayed when placing orders via the REST API. This bug has been fixed.
August 6th, 2020|Changelog-EN|

Release Notes for Update 2020.31

We have fine-tuned the address selection process to make it easier to manage and select addresses. Additionally, quotes can now be shown with gross prices and, in the case of term-based contracts, it is possible to adjust the tax rate based on the contract end date.

Setting up product files in the B2B Suite has now been made more flexible. A price can be declared as a wholesale price, retail price or ‘on request’ and it can be defined whether the file only provides the price or if it is used as an additional source of supply.

Furthermore, we have fixed some bugs that occurred on the product page, sources of supply list and portal configuration.


  • For quotes with German tax rates, it is possible to select the regular 19% rate in addition to the reduced tax rates that are currently valid. This feature has been added because for term-based contracts, the tax rate that applies at the end of the contract can be used in the invoice.
  • The presentation of the address selection has been improved. Addresses can now also be edited on a one-off basis without changing the address book entry.
  • It is possible to choose whether gross prices are displayed to the recipient of a quote.
  • When sending orders via API to the test distributor ‘ITscope Partner Test’, the option to generate order response documents automatically is now available again.
  • For BMEcat exports, an average time (in working days) can be selected to indicate how long the supplier will take to deliver the items.
  • If scaled prices are available for a product, then the price displayed on the purchasing board in the ‘Prepared Orders’ column will match the price corresponding to the selected quantity.
  • When switching to another product in the product search, the selected quantity in the detail section will then be set back to ‘1’.
  • In the product header, it is now possible to request project prices for products from the manufacturer D-Link.
  • Some of the Dutch translations have been improved to ensure better wording.

B2B Suite

  • In the portal configuration, you can now define for each product file whether the price should be interpreted as a wholesale price, retail price or ‘on request’. It is also possible to decide whether the product file simply represents the price or whether it is an additional source of supply for the product.
  • The portal registration of new companies now works even if no customers have been created in the portal so far.
  • In portals with user-specific addresses, there were some issues with the order approval process. These problems have now been fixed.
  • When portal operators edited the standard billing and delivery addresses of their customers, error messages were repeatedly displayed. This issue has been corrected.
  • The status of the domain setup is displayed correctly again.
  • In the case of products with fixed prices, sometimes errors occurred in the sources of supply list when displaying these prices. This bug has been fixed.
  • For sources of supply, the presentation of the VAT rate specified in B2B product files has been corrected.
July 30th, 2020|Changelog-EN|

Release Notes for Update 2020.30

In order to facilitate working with B2B price lists, we have expanded the number of retrieval statistics available. Additionally, we fixed a bug that prevented the creation of these lists. We also improved the behaviour of the minimum price optimisation and the sorting of sources of supply.


  • When adding an item to a shopping cart, the cart that is currently active is indicated in the selection menu.
  • The sorting of sources of supply with a purchase price of €0 and a calculated price not equal to €0 has been corrected.

B2B Suite

  • Retrieval statistics for B2B price lists also show the number of imported retail prices (RP) and minimum prices.
  • For the minimum price optimisation, discrepancies sometimes occurred when a margin was stored in the price calculation of the supplier. This bug has been fixed.
  • Retrieval statistics are now available for individual price and project lists, similar to the B2B price lists.
  • A bug that prevented the creation of new B2B price lists has been fixed.
  • It is now possible to generate an invitation link for B2B portal users, instead of inviting them via an invitation email.
  • The CSV importer for product lists now ignores the file extension of the corresponding file. File contents will still be checked for conformity.


July 21st, 2020|Changelog-EN|

Release Notes for Update 2020.28

This release allows B2B product lists to be imported as CSV. We have also improved the function of some scaled price features.


  • Headings for the invoice and delivery address on orders are now correctly translated into the respective language.
  • The scaled price dialogue, which is shown on the purchasing board when the ‘scaled price info’ button is clicked, is now also localised.

B2B Suite

  • Product lists can be imported as CSV in the portal configuration.
  • In the scaled price info on the purchasing board, the supplier name was sometimes shown instead of the alias. This bug has been fixed.
  • If a distributor does not deliver to certain regions, and has configured this accordingly, and a B2B customer from one of these regions places an order in the portal, then this order will not be processed automatically via order automation.
  • Customers are now also able to register themselves for a portal if the email address has already been used in another portal or on the platform.
July 7th, 2020|Changelog-EN|

Release Notes for Update 2020.27

This week, we optimised the behaviour of the sources of supply list, as well as fixing some bugs.


  • We have made sure that the selected country can also be changed for quotes where ‘no tax’ has been set.
  • Failed orders were stuck in ‘currently being transmitted’ status after being resent. This bug has been fixed.

B2B Suite

  • In the category management, the function of the checkbox for visibility has been changed. The checkbox is selected (ticked) if the category is visible instead of interpreting a selected checkbox as ‘hidden’.
  • Fixed prices now also take into account the gross/net price settings that have configured for the portal.
  • We have fixed several errors in the sorting process for the sources of supply. For example, products with a fixed price markup are sorted correctly and sources of supply without a price are displayed at the end of the list.
  • When changing the customer in the portal administration, the button to prepare the customer mode is now displayed correctly.
June 30th, 2020|Changelog-EN|

Release Notes for Update 2020.26

We have made some preparations regarding the upcoming VAT rate cut in Germany, while also working on the function and presentation of some elements. The actions of prepared orders have been adjusted and the behaviour of the sources of supply table has been improved. We also worked on the presentation and content of the emails.


  • Preparations for the temporary VAT rate adjustment in Germany. From 1st July, all newly added line items will be added with the new VAT rate. Items added before this date will keep the old rate, with the option to change this to the new rate.
  • For Api, Cos and Pilot, the next delivery date and delivery quantity is determined via the real-time service.
  • The appearance of the action buttons for prepared orders has been modified, ensuring a uniform design and behaviour of the shopping cart and order tiles.
  • The behaviour of the sources of supply table has been revised. Re-sorting is now only initiated if a more favourable pricing scale can be selected after the quantity has been changed.
  • If an error occurs while sending orders, this will be explicitly stated in the email.
  • The ‘order method‘ filter has been removed from the salesboard and the orders section.
  • We have made sure that Outlook tables are displayed correctly in emails.
  • The correct source is now displayed for order line items that were ordered from within a quote.
  • An option to show orders on the purchasing board or quote has been added to the action menu for the order search and order details.

B2B Suite

  • We have ensured that correctly configured B2B price lists can always be selected in the supplier selection of the customer group.
  • The price enquiry function is now also displayed correctly in the context area of the product search.
  • For order automation of portal orders, the carrier is now correctly transferred to the portal order for shipping confirmations.
June 23rd, 2020|Changelog-EN|

Release Notes for Update 2020.25

During the last week, we worked on the portal dashboard and made sure that prices on the product page are adjusted according to the quantity, if a scaled price exists. We have also fixed some errors that occurred with fixed-price products.


  • The prices displayed on the product page change if a different quantity is entered, depending on scaled prices.
  • Actions for orders have been unified in the different views (boards, search, detail).

B2B Suite

  • Incorrect VAT information was sometimes displayed on product pages for fixed-price products. This error has been fixed.
  • Settings configured in customer groups regarding the portal dashboard are now applied correctly.
  • We have ensured that prices of fixed-price products are always displayed correctly on the portal dashboard.
  • The recommended retail price (RRP) is displayed below the wholesale selling price (WSP) in the product header.
  • During the portal registration process, portal operators can only activate email domains that can be clearly associated with a company and are not on the ITscope blacklist.
  • The loading of images in the CTO Finder is now faster and more reliable.

Suppliers & Interfaces

  • Webinstore AG is now listed on ITscope.
  • systemzwo GmbH is now listed on ITscope.
  • DCS ApS is now listed on ITscope.
  • Conti Networks Inh. Werner Schoultz von Ascheraden is now listed on ITscope.
  • Esphere Network GmbH is now listed on ITscope.
  • Alltron AG is now listed on ITscope.
June 18th, 2020|Changelog-EN|

Release Notes for Update 2020.24

This week we have listed new suppliers and fixed some bugs.
We are currently working on the presentation of B2B Suite statistics and on revising the address selection.

B2B Suite

  • We have made sure that personal shopping baskets behave correctly when viewed by operators in customer view.


  • We have ensured that the quantity selection is displayed correctly in the accessories view of the product page.
  • All order documents now include the shipping costs and surcharges incurred at the time of ordering.


  • The following suppliers are now available on ITscope: DCS ApS, Conti Networks Inh. Werner Schoultz von Ascheraden, Esphere Networks GmbH, Alltron AG, U-S-C GmbH, api B.V. and Ulrich Richter GmbH.
June 10th, 2020|Changelog-EN|

Release Notes for Update 2020.23

This week there has been further progress regarding the scaled prices of products. When a product is placed in the shopping cart, the scaled prices are displayed in a pop-up (if they are available). Additionally, a Polish and Dutch translation of the platform is now available.


  • If a product has scaled prices, this will be indicated in the ‘Add to cart’ pop-up.
  • Polish and Dutch versions of the platform are now available.

B2B Suite

  • If prices within a portal are displayed including VAT, then these prices will be displayed in the same way in PDFs for orders.
June 4th, 2020|Changelog-EN|