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Release Notes for Update 2020.44

This release establishes API 2.1 as the new standard API version, offers portal operators a new way to manage content within their portal and fixes two errors that occurred with portal orders.


  • API version 2.1 is now the standard version and has therefore been removed from the test lab.
  • The order in which content providers are considered for displaying a product on the platform has changed. The order consists of the following groups of providers: premium content, CNET, ICEcat, manufacturers, ITscope, suppliers and other content providers.

B2B Suite

  • A tab for managing content used in the portal has been added to the ‘Set-up’ section of the portal configuration. Content providers can be prioritised or excluded here.
  • In the event that a product had several sources of supply from a distributor, the order automation sometimes selected the wrong source of supply. This bug has been fixed.
  • A bug has been fixed where the gross value was inadvertently shown instead of the net value for orders in the portal.
October 29th, 2020|Changelog DE, Changelog-EN|

Release Notes for Update 2020.43

In order to give portal operators a better insight into customer activities within their portal, we have created a new section containing portal statistics. This new ‘Metrics‘ tab is now available in the portal configuration, providing statistics on usage patterns and ordering behaviour.

B2B Suite

  • A ‘Metrics’ tab has been added to the portal configuration, containing portal-specific statistics on usage patterns and ordering behaviour.
  • The product file preview now contains images of the products contained in the file again.
  • We have ensured that portal customers can only see their own company.
  • Only product IDs that are also visible for the product in the portal are listed in order PDFs.


  • Scaled prices can now also be retrieved in real-time from the distributor SECOMP.
  • In the sources of supply detailed view, scaled prices were sometimes not displayed at all or were displayed with an incorrect date. These bugs have been fixed.
  • Changing the window size during registration sometimes resulted in an error message. This bug has been fixed.
  • It is now possible to create new quotes via the product page again.
  • We have ensured that quantity changes in quote line items are reliably transferred when purchasing and vice versa.
October 22nd, 2020|Changelog-EN|

Release Notes for Update 2020.41

This release contains several bug fixes, as well as the new option to exclude certain manufacturers when selecting B2B suppliers.

B2B Suite

  • Certain manufacturers can be excluded in the supplier selection for each supplier.


  • In the eService configuration section, it is now possible to directly switch to the profile of a contact person via a link.
  • The weekly product charts have been temporarily removed from the product categories page, as their determination is currently unreliable.
October 8th, 2020|Changelog-EN|

Release Notes for Update 2020.40

We have added new options for the supplier selection in B2B portals. It is now possible to more precisely narrow down the suppliers that can be ordered from.

Additionally, we have fixed some errors, added new fields to the export overview and revised the depositing of terms of use.


  • The export overview has been expanded with the following new fields: preview number, number of exported products and status of the last export.

B2B Suite

  • In the portal configuration, for each customer group it is now possible to set up whether and how orders can be placed with a supplier in the supplier selection. A new option also allows suppliers and their prices to be listed in a portal without the possibility to order the respective items.
  • Line item free text fields from portals are now also transferred via CXML to the respective eProcurement systems.
  • When determining the content sequence for retrieving internal and external datasheets, manufacturers and suppliers are also considered.
  • The process of depositing terms of use has been slightly adapted. The maximum number of characters has been increased to 2000 and the terms are interpreted as HTML.
  • We have ensured that the prices displayed on the dashboard correspond to the product prices. We have also improved the performance of the ‘Custom dashboard’ option.
  • Changes to the URL of a product file are now only saved if the ‘Save’ function is explicitly confirmed.
  • Problems sometimes occurred in the portal configuration when withdrawing admin rights for customers. This bug has been fixed.


September 29th, 2020|Changelog-EN|

Release Notes for Update 2020.39

We are continuing to work on the product header. Some adjustments have been made based on the customer feedback we have received.

As before, the new version of the header can be activated in the test lab.


  • Based on the customer feedback we have received regarding the new product header, we have made some further changes. The popup for the price now includes an ‘Add to cart‘ option, while the manufacturer datasheet can now also conveniently be accessed here.
  • In the product selection for exports, we have added a new filter that can be used to determine whether sources of supply without ‘New’ condition should also be used for the price calculation.
  • Errors sometimes occurred in the address selection when searching for or changing companies. This bug has been fixed.
September 23rd, 2020|Changelog-EN|

Release Notes for Update 2020.38

To ensure better usability of the product page, we have created a new version of the product header. This new header, which can be activated in the test lab, is much clearer and adapts better to different resolutions.

We have also added some new features for B2B Suite operators. In the portal configuration, terms of use can be deposited, customer budgets can be defined and individual product references can be configured.


  • The new version of the product header is available and can be activated in the test lab. This version has been visually revised, adapts better to different resolutions and has been enhanced with a detailed price overview.
  • We have added a button to the product header where the product datasheet can be downloaded directly as PDF.
  • Problems occurred when opening the detailed view for entries in the export history section. This error has been fixed.

B2B Suite

  • B2B Suite operators can deposit terms of use in different languages. These must be accepted by customers during registration.
  • The price status price calculation, fixed price and stock levels of B2B product files can be imported and evaluated line by line.
  • Portal operators are able to allocate budgets to their customers for specified time periods. If a customer uses up their budget, future orders are blocked and the operator is informed by email. The respective settings can be found in the ‘Customers’ section under ‘Account’.
  • It is possible to store individual product references in the ‘Appearance’ section of the portal configuration.
September 17th, 2020|Changelog-EN|

Release Notes for Update 2020.37

In order to improve the readability of emails, we have made some changes regarding how prices are displayed as well as revising the overall formatting.

B2B portal operators now have the added possibility to define relationships between customer companies. This allows customer employees with the appropriate authorisation to use multiple companies to log in to the portal.


  • The layout of order confirmation emails has been improved. Depending on the setting, either the net or gross price is highlighted. In addition, it is now consistently indicated whether the price includes shipping costs.
  • The general formatting of emails has also been revised, to ensure better readability.

B2B Suite

  • A new method for depositing B2B price lists has been added, allowing only the products defined in the price list to be listed. All other products from the supplier are not displayed in the portal.
  • Business relationships can now be defined between customer companies, this can be done in the customer management section of the portal configuration. The ‘Subsidiary company’ and ‘Related’ relationship options allow users with the ‘Change company’ platform right to log in to these companies. Authorised users can find this option in the user menu of the respective portal.
September 9th, 2020|Changelog-EN|

Release Notes for Update 2020.36

The process of loading product pages has been revised, in order to improve page loading times. Pages now open directly, while the content sections, such as the sources of supply, are loaded downstream.


  • The process of loading product pages has been fundamentally revised. By loading the individual content sections later, the overall page can load much faster.
  • For performance reasons, real-time updates are now sent to the UI in a bundle instead of separately for each source of supply, as was previously the case.
  • The export history can now be viewed again.
  • A bug that prevented omitted suppliers from being shown has been fixed.
  • When orders were listed in the global search, occasionally items were marked as being no longer available from the distributor. This bug has been fixed.
  • The ‘Only on request’ order limit option has been removed, since it is now mapped via the ordering right.

B2B Suite

  • Problems occurred in the portal overview when filtering for own portals. These bugs have been fixed.
September 1st, 2020|Changelog-EN|

Release Notes for Update 2020.35

This update includes the option to assign employee-specific order limits. In addition, adjustments were made to the portal configuration and some errors were also fixed.

B2B Suite

  • The filter function for own portals in the portal overview now works correctly again.
  • The description text in the supplier tab of the portal configuration has been revised to ensure better comprehensibility.
  • In order to provide a better overview in the portal configuration, the default width of the context area has been increased.
  • When adding new users via external systems, the setting of the order authorisation for new employees was previously not taken into account. This problem has been fixed.
  • Sorting by relevance when search terms have been entered now works more reliably in B2B portals.


  • The order limits in the company section are now visible to all employees, but can only be edited by administrators. It is now possible to assign employee-specific order limits.
  • Changes to user platform rights now take effect immediately and not after the next login of the user.
  • The ‘Last order placed on’ field in the order services is optional.
  • Changes in the configuration of the menu were sometimes not saved correctly. This problem has been fixed.
  • We have ensured that emails concerning quotes are only sent if the user has specified this in the settings.
  • The appearance of toggle switches has been revised.


August 31st, 2020|Changelog-EN|