Release notes for update 2017.37

  • The text editors for formatted text now also support adding and editing lists, hyperlinks, and external images. At the points where the text editor comes up in a pop-up, can this now scale horizontally.
  • Fixed a bug in the display of bids, which rarely caused product details to appear in the context pane.
  • For connections of the Order API now incoming order free texts are taken correctly.

Release Notes for Update 2017.36

  • Initial translation in Italian for the application interface.
  • For the API 2.0, an advanced shopping cart API is available, which can be used to manage more than one cart and the shared pool.
  • When adding a product to the shopping cart, the quantity and the comment can be added.
  • Fixed a bug which redirected the newly registered user twice on the first login.
  • Simultaneous login with only one user account no longer causes the log in data to be forgotten when “remain logged in” is activated.
  • The API 2.1 documentation is available at (API 2.1 is still in beta stage – features for the trading area coming soon).
  • The REST methods /products/ean and /products/datasheet are now also available for API 2.1.

Release Notes for Update 2017.35

Goodbye old loading indicator aka red ring of death.

  • The loading indicators in the various areas have been modernized.
  • The new context bar is now integrated in all search areas.
  • The product history is now also on the quote product search field.
  • Clicking on accessory links on the product page of the customer mode will no longer leave it.
  • The activities are available again in the purchasing and sales board.

Release Notes for Update 2017.33

  • The new context bar is now integrated into the quotes. With this you can view the product details, track the activities and share quotes.
  • The icons on the platform were further unified. The account page displays the correct icons, again.
  • To work more precisely, the maximum session timout for closed browsers is now five minutes. Open browsers tabs are not affected.
  • The online status is displayed correctly on the Dealboard.
  • The product filters can used in Customer Mode, again.
  • A rare problem was fixed, which prevented opening quotes as a guest.
  • A very rare problem was fixed, where the menu could not correctly determine its width. This led to performance problems.

Release notes for update 2017.32


  • The new online status widget displays all people who are currently viewing the dealboard, a product collection or a quote.
  • New registered users are now introduced with a new onboarding assistance.
  • Line items on a quote in guest mode are not displayed as optional, if this checkbox is not set.

Desktop App

  • Links to the platform in quote and order status mails can now alternatively be opened directly in desktop app.
  • The desktop app can now be launched multiple times correctly.

Release Notes for Update 2017.31


The Operation and User Interface of collections have been further improved:

  • Row presentation further adapted to the offer and standardized.
    • The market overview is displayed for each item in the collection.
    • The EAN, Hst.-No. and ITscope ID are displayed on each line.
    • Row displays adjust to the width.
  • Products from collections/quotes can now be added to other collections/quotes by Drag-and-Drop.
  • Collections can be searched with their addressee.
  • The Context area can be better used. You can, for example, switch the product details by clicking on the line, the title or the action button. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard to change the selection of the line with up / down.
  • The description of the collection is no longer in the text field, but in the editor.
  • The editor for the comment text of a position can be enlarged in either direction.
  • Duplicate collections from the Options menu.
  • Collections can now be used in customer mode.


  • ITscope properties
    • Processor names are now more specific. Core i7 4790K
    • The number of available memory banks are displayed. (Affects notebooks, motherboards, barebones, tablets, AiOs, servers, storage and complete systems)
  • Clean up the most important categories of wrongly sorted products.

Distributors and Orders

  • New distributor: Globomatik Informatica listed
  • Orders to the distributor IPC Computer will be transferred to the EDI system from IPC Computer.
  • Orders from the distributor are now transferred to the EDI system from
  • Orders can be searched with their customer number, customer order number, custom order number and customer order number.

General improvements

  • There are new editors on the entire platform that fit into the flat design.
  • The identifiers such as EAN, Hst.-Nr. Or ITscope no. can be easily copied and marked with an icon.

Release Notes for Update 2017.30

With this weeks release, we are updating the collections with basic features and connect them better with the existing features like the quotes, the deal board and the product catalog.

  • Collections can be given a description and line items can have a comment
  • A collection can have a contact assigned.
  • Products can be added directly to the collection via instant search.
  • Collections can be transformed:
    • You can create a quote from a collection.
    • You can put all line items in the shopping cart of the deal board.
    • When converting to quotes, comments and contect are retained.
  • Collections can be archived:
    • Archived collections can be searched.
    • In the project area of the page menu and on the product page only the non-archived collections and quotes are displayed.
    • When transfering collections into quotes or shopping cart items, one can decide to archive the collection.
    • Collections can be dearchivated at any time.
  • Collections are also availlable in customer mode.
  • The collections have a new context area to the right. This contains all related information and can be collapsed.
  • The search history groups are now in the same order as the instant search.
  • Individual prices for the distributor Compuwave can be obtained via the price list service.

Release notes for update 2017.29.2

  • In the OpenTrans document for the offer, the content from the field Customer number of the offer is now entered as PARTY_ID for the PARTY_ROLE “buyer” when it is filled.
  • A login problem has been fixed, which could occur since 17.07 in very rare cases and prevented the login.

Release Notes für Update 2017.28

  • Complete CNET conversion: All content data from CNET are now read in and old data from DCI are deleted. This provides a multitude of high-resolution product images and texts such as product features and key selling points as well as a higher product coverage.
  • The old search and navigation can no longer be switched back in the test lab.
  • Fixed performance and character set problems with Excel Distributor comparisons reports. They occasionally prevented the files from being opened in Excel. In addition, the reports can now be loaded for larger product ranges as well.
  • Completed distributor comparison reports can now also be found in the export log.
  • Bugfix Product API: The order of the languages ​​in the Accept-Language header is now processed correctly. For example, if an export or report was requested in Accept-Language that supports only one language, the selection of the language was random.
  • Individual prices for the distributor Memorysolution can be retrieved via the Realtime Service.
  • Individual prices for the distributor Memorysolution can be obtained via the price list service.
  • Orders to the distributor Memorysolution will now be transferred to the EDI system from Memorysolution.
  • Individual prices for the distributor Fega & Schmitt can be accessed via the price list service.
  • Individual prices for the MotionTM distributor can be obtained from the price list service.
  • The loading times of the offer, order and sales pages have been optimized.

Release notes for update 2017.22

  • The previews for product search are displayed correctly after removing a pinned product category.
  • A corresponding note is displayed in the “My Network” tab if there are no partners.
  • The company search country filter has the correct content after a search.
  • In the export configuration, a backspace in the supplier or manufacturer selection no longer leads to the deletion of the last selection made.

Release Notes for Update 2017.21

  • Orders to the distributor Jacob Elektronik are now transferred to the EDI system from Jacob Elektronik.
  • For supplier Beta Solutions it is possible to set up individual price lists.
  • API 2.1: The product image in column “image1” is chosen according to the highest resolution.
  • For users of the ITscope Product Export or API: After consultation with Sony Europe Limited, pictures of Sony products will be available on request from ITScope Exports as of 05|27|2017.
    Please let us know by e-mail to by Friday, 26th May 2017, if you are a Sony Partner, so that your exports are unchanged with Sony product images.
    Please also refer to the following online help entry regarding the usage rights of product images:

Release notes for update 2017.20

  • The filter for companies’ countries of origin now shows the countries and preview numbers according to the search result.
  • For each manual status change of an order on the platform, corresponding Opentrans-documents are generated.
  • In product search, the sorting settings are now saved separately for the cases if a search word has been specified, or not. Thus, the behavior matches the other search areas.
  • Orders to the distributor IME will be transmitted to the EDI system of IME.

Release notes for update 2017.19

  • Offers can now also be sorted according to the date of the offer creation.
  • The sorting of the search results by relevance is now applied directly after the search. Orders can now also be sorted by relevance..

Release Notes for update 2017.18

The new comprehensive search is availlable for all users. Learn more.

  • The display of the invoice and delivery address of a purchase order now contains contact information so that suppliers can contact the customer more easily. For all orders sent via the API, all transmitted contact data are now displayed.
  • The test lab feature “Global search with side navigation” was released from the test lab and is now activated by default for all users.
  • You can access an overview with all keyboard shortcuts using the user menu at the top right or press F1.
  • In the sidebar, the correct menu item is highlighted when a purchase or sale order is selected.
  • In the search area, the heads of the detail views for quotes and orders have been uniformly and clearly redesigned.
  • The addresses on the quote can now also be displayed in a small space situation.
  • If the list of search suggestions is empty, this is clarified by a note.
  • In the user menu you can find the most important system information under “About”.

Test Lab Feature “Old Search & Navigation”

  • For a short time, you can temporarily switch back to the old search and navigation.

Test lab Feature “API 2.1 for Exports”

  • Exports in JSON and XML format now work again.

Release Notes für Update 2017.17

  • The selection behavior of the tables has been improved especially for keyboard operation. The occosional jump back to previous rows is therefore prevented.

Test lab “Global search with lateral navigation”

  • The presentation of the  side navigation in collapsed state is improved. The selected width of the navigation bar is stored individually.
  • The window with the search results preview now adapts to the browser window at smaller resolutions.
  • An error has been fixed, which prevented orders to be opened via the instant search.
  • Collapsing the activities with the keyboard alt + a in the global search now works reliably.