Release notes for update 2017.15

  • All partnerships are now listed in an additional tab on the company’s own websites.
  • The row displays in the respective search tables use now the entire area for clicks.
  • Display problems fixed on the contact search.
  • Orders to the distributor dexxit will now be transferred to dexxit’s EDI system.
  • Orders to distributor Intos will be transferred to Intos’ EDI system from now on.
  • Individual prices for the distributor Printec can be accessed via the realtime service.
  • Individual prices for the distributor Printec can be accessed via the price list service.

Testlab Feature “API 2.1 for exporte”

  • New feature “API 2.1” for product export: The format standard.csv now contains further fields such as eclass7, UNSPSC, color, energy efficiency class, key selling points, delivery tax, as well as configurable fields for product identifiers with/without manufacturer and short description with/without product identifier content.

Testlabor Feature “Globale Suche mit seitlicher Navigation”

  • The menu items in the sidebar are now links and can be easily opened in new tabs.
  • To make the search more efficient with the keyboard, some new shortcuts were introduced:
    • Alt + A: In the search area, switch the visibility of the Activity list.
    • Alt + M: Show or hide menu side bar.
    • Page-Up/Down: Jump from one result group to the next in the quick search.
    • Page-Up/Down + Alt: Jump directly to “Show all elements from area” in the quick search.
    • Enter: Open a selected search result in the detail view.
    • Alt + Number (1-6): Jump directly to another search tab.

    An overview of all key bindings in the application will follow.

Release notes for update 2017.14

  • Product page: Manufacturer content is now listed in picture gallery and product identifier before CNET / Icecat-Content.
  • Bugfix: Product identifiers with double manufacturer names are now corrected.
  • Bugfix: The detailed view of products in the offer is closeable again.
  • Orders to Distributor Systeam will be transmitted to Systeam’s EDI system from now on.
  • Orders to Distributor Printec will be transmitted to Printec’s EDI system from now on.
  • Orders to Komsa Printec will be transmitted to Komsa’s EDI system from now on.

Test laboratory

  • Do you have any suggestions for improvement? The feedback function can now be found in the side navigation.
  • Bugfix: In the quick search, the description is displayed correctly even with preformatted fields.

Release notes for update 2017.13

  • B-stock: The description of article states has been revised in order to discriminate more accurately between new and used states.
  • B-stock: Distributors can now submit precise article state codes (New Open Box, HP Renew) in their price lists, which will be presented on the platform in an unchanged way.
  • Order API: Orders with article IDs, which a distributor holds in a price list not presented on ITscope, can now be accepted via the order API.
  • Real-time price query: real-time prices on the product page are now updated more quickly and more reliably.
  • Search: The precision of search results for phone number searches has been improved.

Release notes for update 2017.12

  • Individual prices for distributor Comway can now be accessed through our real-time service.
  • Individual prices for distributor Topus can now be accessed through our price list service.
  • Individual prices for distributor Computeruniverse can now be accessed through our price list service.
  • The discrete characteristics of B-stock products are now presented more clearly. As part of this change, identifiers in array “conditionName” in exports have changed. Existing condition codes (conditionId) remain the same, but have been augmented by further B-stock conditions.
  • Enhanced saturation has increased the readability of technical data in the preview area of the search box as well as the search page.

Test lab

  • We have revised our platform search from scratch once again and have been able to accelerate it:
  • The platform search feature now reacts notably faster while executing a search request. User activity is not obstructed while elements are loading, which accelerates navigation.
  • Each search area has a detailed view of the latest list elements selected.
  • Each search area now has an activity stream which can be expanded and collapsed to the side.
  • Line presentation between the areas have been revised from scratch as basis for further changes.

Release notes for update 2017.11

  • eClass Version 7 and UNSPSC classification are now available at the product page and in exports (for selected products).
  • For users of export / API profile “developer” in API v2: keyContent.csv resp. keyContent-Modell in json/xml has been supplemented by the array “category”, which also extends the primary key of the table: More key content entries per content provider are now allowed.
  • Products and offers can now be transferred in future c-entron versions by the new “share with c-entron” tile

Release Notes für Update 2017.10

  • The test lab window for selecting new features has been visually revised.
  • The percentage margin in the product details is now displayed exactly in two decimal places.
  • Since 1.3. the announced change of the API-authentication is live. API and export users must use their account ID as user name. Further information on the changeover can be found here. f you have any problems or questions, please contact

Test lab

  • Fixed an error that caused spaces to be encoded as `% 20` in product searches.
  • The search on the dashboard now uses the new instant search with the number of all found products.
  • The customer mode now uses the new navigation via the sidebar.
  • The search for contacts and companies via the telephone number has been improved.

Release notes for update 2017.9


  • Notification e-mails for order status changes are now only sent in case of relevant state transitions and contain the order number and distributor in the subject line.
  • Fixed error in Opentrans download for offers with positions without a price (e.g. free text lines without prices).

Test lab

  • Instant search results were optically optimized to use the space more efficiently and improve readability.
  • There was a performance optimization when highlighting the search term in the viewfinder.
  • When clicking on a contact in the search results, it will be displayed in the detail area on the right, instead of leaving the search results list.

Release notes for update 2017.8

  • For more possibilities when designing offers, HTML is now also allowed with simple styles in their templates.
  • If an offer is set to won, the status of whether a data sheet is attached is also blocked before changes are made.

Test lab

  • Orders can now be found using the delivery and invoice address.
  • The head areas of the search result lists as well as the upper navigation bar were visually revised.
  • The scope of the new search now includes the activity stream on the right.

Release notes for update 2017.7

  • A note will be displayed once, indicating new features in the test lab.
  • Fixed an error that caused a print job to display a validation date, although none was set.
  • The retrieval of the street prices of, Geizhals and Ebay has been fixed.
  • Orders to the distributor Kosatec will now be transferred to the EDI system of Kosatec.

Test lab

  • The status of quotes and orders is now displayed in the quick search.
  • The header areas were adjusted in color to fit into the new layout.
  • On the search page, the tabs with the results were highlighted.
  • The side menu has been restructured and can be collapsed into an icon bar.


  • The new features note can now also be removed by clicking X when Internet Explorer 11 is used.

Release Notes for Update 2017.6

Test laboratory

With the current release we are presenting approach for a cross-platform search. Try it out and help us to improve the functionality with your feedback!

  • The functions in the test lab can now be activated or deactivated individually.
  • The new cross-plattform search combines all plattform features in one search and provides better search results.
  • For a more efficient navigation the menu is restructured and the most important features are directly accessible.
  • Products, companies, contacts or quotes can be searched without changing the page. The new search covers many other fields, too.
  • The feedback button will help us improve this new feature and links to a small survey.


  • The feedback button has been moved to the side menu on the left.
  • Fixed an issue that caused certain search terms to not correctly display the country flag in the Instant Search.
  • Fixed a common issue that prevented company search. This also affected quotes and orders in the test lab.
  • The image of a product search result now uses the correct link to its product page.

Release Notes for Update 2017.5

  • The status changes of an order are now sent by email. The notifications can be configured via the settings on the shopping cart.
  • As with the quick search, the search term red is now highlighted for all search hits.
  • Problem with editability of orders on the shopping cart has been fixed.
  • Loading of the stream messages in the quote list repaired.
  • Quote printing for items without price (-,– €) works again.
  • Further product groups and accessory types are translated.
  • ITscope terms are now available in English.
  • Changing the criteria for the creation of new products in the database: Creation of new products also if the availability at the distributor is not “in stock”, but order-related.

Release Notes for Update 2017.4

  • Exports can now be selectively exported with all suppliers as reference sources, not just those used in the product selection.
  • Individual prices for the distributor KOMSA can be accessed via the Realtime Service.

Test lab

  • The missing areas of the orders and persons were converted to a new, more precise search procedure. The results of the person search can be sorted by relevance.

Release Notes for Update 2017.2

  • The Testlab, which is located in the ITscope menu, can now be activated individually for each user. Past settings have been reset.
  • The number of collections and quotes shown on the left of the product page and in the collections and quote menu has been limited.
  • In the Testlab the new search is capable of finding quotes by creator or assigned user.
  • Solved a problem preventing to find products by texts from distibutor offers.
  • Solved a rare problem, which prevented the upload of the business license.


  • Solved a problem so that the quotes can be printed again as PDF.

Release Notes for Update 2017.1

  • The login window has been reworked and is no longer embedded in an IFrame.
  • The interactive API documentation is now translated into English and is from now on available in English only.
  • When inserting products into quotes, the currently set language for the user is used.
  • Users can search products in the set platform language.
  • When sending e-mails from the preview dialog box, you can choose between English and German to generate the text from the corresponding templates.
  • E-mails to distributors will now also be sent in English if this language is set on the platform.
  • Sent orders no longer display a false hover hint to edit an address.
  • In the Testlab, a new search is used in the offer area, which provides better results because products and other texts are also considered.
  • In the Testlab, a new search is used in the company area to provide better results.
  • Fixed a problem in the offer where scrollbars were displayed twice.
  • Fixed a rare problem where the application is “frozen” in IE11 and has stopped working.


  • The display problems in some browsers have been fixed. White pages and missing content no longer occur.
  • The product search returns more comprehensive results when entering search terms.
  • E-mails sent from the system are generated correctly in the respective platform language.

Release Notes for Update 5.126

  • Datasheets are now available in foreign languages supported by the platform. On platform, the selected language is used. In exports it is the export language and for API-calls, the language is set using a query parameter.
  • EService field descriptions can now be displayed in selected platform language.
  • Orders for the distributor Comway are now transmitted to Herweck EDI System.
  • Individual prices from the distributor Ernst Granzow can now be requested over the realtime service.