Release notes for update 2018.10


  • The e-services configuration page now includes more detailed information on the fields to be filled in. This should help to get set up more easily.
  • Distributors can now see all their resellers on ITscope summarized in a separate tab in the company profile.
  • In the report of the price list import for distributors, the quality of suppliers is now also displayed (see also
  • The search, offer and order tabs now make better use of the space.

Test lab: The all-new purchasing area

  • Prices can now be inquired for all products of a shopping cart at once.
  • Adding new partners for negotiation is now possible directly on the shopping cart, too. Switching to the “Negotiation” tab is no longer necessary for this.
  • After starting a price inquiry for products, one or more negotiation partners must be added before the actual request is sent. On shopping carts where this second step has not yet been done, a hint will help you to identify these positions.
  • Seamless switching between the old and new shopping areas now works in all areas.
  • The link “Show order” now works again in order confirmation e-mails.


  • New distributors listed in ITscope: M3M Networks Ltd, LS Computersysteme GmbH & Co. KG

Release notes for update 2018.07


  • In the detail area of a company there is now a context menu.
  • The behavior of the context panel has been adjusted for the entire platform. The stored width of the context areas behave uniformly with different window sizes.


  • New distributor listed in ITscope: Globility Connect B.V., Nordic Computer A/S, Pyramid Computer GmbH, P.W. Batna Magdalena Mucha, Techbuyer Ltd, FlatMOBILE GmbH

Release notes for update 2018.09


  • In the search field the context menu of the browser can be used with the right mouse button.
  • The existing feedback board has been replaced by a new, clearer and more up-to-date version and can be accessed via the feeback button in the sidebar or this link.
  • The “e-Service Administrators” tab in the context area of the company is always visible and has an additional description.
  • In the company view it is now possible to copy deeplinks of the company and/or individual employees from the context area.

Test lab: The all-new purchasing area

  • browser back on the new shopping board now works correctly.
  • The purchase board now behave correctly when using browser back.


  • New distributor with ESD order functionality listed in ITscope: GmbH

Release notes for update 2018.06


  • Filters and menus for product research are now browsable.
  • When changing the language in the preview window of an e-mail, the content is now exchanged in addition to the subject. If the content has been changed beforehand, these changes will be lost when selecting a new language.

Test lab: The all-new purchasing area

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the notification e-mail for a negotiation to contain no link to the negotiation.

Release notes for update 2018.04


  • Software products that have been marked as ESD versions although this tag has not been set by the distributor can now be ordered again.
  • Customers with a corresponding ITscope contract have now access to historical data per product through the API 2.1. For more details, please refer to

Test lab: The all-new purchasing area

  • When activating the test lab feature “The all-new purchasing area”, you now have the opportunity to ask questions or give feedback directly to the development team. We will do our best to help you as fast as possible with using the new features.
  • The GUI of the new live negotiation feature for sellers has been restructured. The requested articles on the left side can now be found opposite the seller’s offer on the right side. This makes it immediately apparent where the price is to be entered and which positions have not yet been offered.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the shopping board to be inaccessible when moving a demand item with selected negotiate price onto another shopping board.


  • New manufacturer and distributor listed in ITscope: HOLTZ OFFICE SUPPORT GmbH – Magnetoplan
  • New Distributor Listed in ITscope: LJS TRADE UAB

Release notes for update 2018.03

  • Product accessories can now be moved to shopping carts, offers and collections by drag & drop again.
  • The title line in the details view of an order is now displayed again.
  • Fixed an error that occurred during loading of many purchase boards.
  • The contract identifier is now displayed in the correct languages in English contract confirmation emails.
  • Removed error message that misleadingly occurred with successful searches that do contain search results.

Release notes for update 2018.02


  • E-mails to companies from Switzerland are now proposed in German by default (instead of English).
  • New suppliers listed: Arlt Computer Produkte GmbH and Webinstore AG

Test lab: The all-new purchasing area

  • Price inquiries can now be sent to any person. This also applies if the person with a specific e-mail address is not yet active on ITscope. As soon as the recipient of the e-mail registers on ITscope, or calls the link in the e-mail, he is automatically allocated the inquiry.
  • Distributors now see an explicit note if there are currently no price inquiries.
  • When inviting negotiating partners, the checkmark at “Do not show dialog again” is now saved in the confirmation dialogue on submission only. This selection can be changed at any time in the settings area of the purchase board.

Release notes for update 2017.52


  • The search field now has its own context menu that provides the basic functions for copying or deleting the search text.
  • In search fields, the first search hit can now be selected again with the arrow key.
  • The property filters “compatible manufacturers” and “compatible product lines” are now available in the product search.
  • The article numbers can be selected and copied in the source of supply table without the details of the source of supply being expanded.
  • In the prepared order the quantity field can be edited again with text input.
  • In the case of ALSO-EDI orders with Dropshipment to private customers, the delivery address is now transmitted in full (partnerName1 with the customer’s name instead of an empty company name).
  • Fixed an error when downloading the OpenTrans document in the offer, if there were no items on the offer yet.
  • In the product catalogue, bags and covers can now be found according to selected product lines and brands (new filter function).
  • The order of the invoice and delivery address has been swapped in the order preview dialog. It is now identical to the sequence on the order detail page.
  • The total sum of all items in a shopping cart is now displayed, including shipping costs. The sum of the shipping costs will be shown additionally.
  • Shopping carts of the shopping board can be archived and searched.

API 2.1

  • In the export, the property values for API 2.0 were again limited to 1024 characters. For API 2.1 the limit has been increased to 10000 characters.

Test lab: The all-new purchasing area

  • When inviting or changing a negotiating partner to an inquiry, a dialog box appears with the invitation e-mail. Optionally, this dialog can be hidden for future invitations.
  • Invitation e-mails now have as sender to avoid any problems with receiving them.

Release notes for update 2017.51


  • The detail area in the collections and offers is now displayed correctly.
  • The field for quantity selection on the shopping cart lines can now be correctly selected again.
  • The placeholder text for position free text on shopping cart lines is now more apparent as a placeholder.
  • The search responds again on the first time the ENTER key is pressed. Since we reworked the keyboard handling in the last release, it could rarely happen that the search did not react until the second ENTER.
  • Some products now have Cnet images as the main image on the platform and are available for export.
  • The product selection in export loads much faster. The calculation of the preview numbers for the complete export and the individual product groups has been optimized.
  • Products from Nikon and AGI now have product images on the platform again.

API 2.1

  • Datasheets in HTML and PDF format can now also be loaded via API 2.1
  • The Quotation API can now also be used in API 2.1

Test lab: The all-new purchasing area

  • Positions can be copied or moved to other shopping carts. Drag and drop onto the project area on the left now moves positions into other shopping carts.
  • Positions from offers and collections can be dragged and dropped onto the project area on the left in shopping carts.
  • If an ordered item from a transaction is copied back to the shopping cart, an optimized price (instead of the previous 0.00€) will be entered for this item.
  • In the new shopping board, the click area of the product lines has been simplified, so that the context area informations changes only when clicking on the context panel tabs on the right side.
  • The button for selecting all shopping cart items for ordering is now better recognizable as an active button.
  • The shopping cart items now contain individual buttons for the possible actions, so that the options are immediately visible, instead of just seeing them when you open the “Edit” menu.


  • ESD order now possible: License Distribution GmbH
  • New distributor listed in ITscope: dBIT GmbH & Co. KG
  • New distributor listed in ITscope: DSP Memory Distribution GmbH
  • New distributor listed in ITscope: Horycki – ITniederrhein
  • New distributor listed in ITscope: Mihatsch Trading
  • For users of the ITscope product export or API: After consultation with LG Electronics, images of LG products since 15.12.2017 are only available on request in ITscope exports.
    Please let us know via e-mail at if you are an LG Partner so that your exports will be back with LG product images.
    Please also note the corresponding notes in the following online help entry regarding the rights of use of product images:

Release notes for update 2017.50


  • The search fields on ITscope. com are more user-friendly:
    • Search suggestions or results of the platform can be shown and hidden more easily: Either with the key for the search (F3) or by a mouse click on the search field.
    • Searches without results indicate the reason more clearly.
    • New users see a hint when the search history is empty.
    • When creating quotations, the search field makes clearer reference to the use of free text positions.
    • Switching between different browser tabs no longer causes the search suggestions popup to open unintentionally.
    • If there are several search fields on a page, other search hit popups are now closed before a new one is opened.
    • The product page also contains a context bar at the right margin, which is already familiar from other areas of the platform. This clearly shows the already known areas as separate tabs:
      • Activities with the comments for a product.
      • Sharing the product with enterprise resource planning or other users
      • The distributor’s quote for the selected source of supply for the table.
  • The technical data on the product page is broken down in a meaningful way for all window widths and resolutions.
  • In the resulting offer, prices and the corresponding quantity in the table line are at the same level.
  • The initial animation of the tiles on the dashboard has been removed to fix display problems in Firefox and Edge Browser.

Test Lab: The all-new purchasing area

  • You can mark and order individual items according to the purchase board’s requirements. This means that purchase orders from certain distributors or individually negotiated items can be ordered selectively.
  • When ordering a requirement item at a requested price, the prices of the items and the status of the item are now set correctly at the seller.


For users of the ITscope product export or API:
After consultation with LG Electronics, image material of LG products will be released from 15.12.2017 on request in ITscope exports only.
Please let us know by e-mail to by Friday 15.12.2017 whether you are a LG partner, so that your exports are unaltered with LG product images. Please also note the corresponding information in the following online help entry regarding the rights of use of product images.

Release notes for update 2017.49

Test lab: The all-new purchasing area

  • Positions on the demand tab of the purchase board can now be moved to another board via the project area by drag and drop.
  • Older purchase boards now suitable display order positions that are no longer in the product catalog instead of simply hiding them.
  • Distributors will see their own article number, as well as the manufacturer’s article number and EAN for each item they have entered.
  • In negotiations, the share tab in the context area does not show any irrelevant elements, but only the current URL.
  • Tiles on the shopping portal are displayed centered for monitors with large resolutions.
  • The warning “poor allocation” and other warnings are also displayed in the negotiated sources area above the list of sources.
  • In the context area of the Purchase Board for the sources of supply, the heading “Negotiation” is only displayed if there is a table below.
  • The status label of a line now also updates its color to match the content.

Release notes for update 2017.48


  • The list of sources of supply has been given a clearer presentation with smaller resolutions.
  • The units of the main memory filter in the category “Notebooks” have been changed from MB to GB for better readability.
  • In the global search, the preview numbers are displayed correctly again.
  • The selection of the instant search function now also works more smoothly when the internet connection is slow or interrupted, e. g. via WLAN.

Api & Export

  • Sources of supply with poor allocation quality are now filtered out in exports and the API.

Test lab: The all-new purchasing area

  • Requested positions are displayed correctly again when you switch to a negotiation.
  • The table selection of requirement items and tab changes in the context panel works more smoothly.
  • Prices in the context area are now updated as soon as the distributor submits a price.
  • If a prepared order is moved back to the demand, the prices are correctly formatted.

Release notes for update 2017.47


  • The project widget below the menu on the left remembers the last selected tab
  • Three new suppliers listed in ITscope: mpsmobile GmbH, Prima Printer Nordic AB and IT-Beschaffung24- internethandel Hans Simonis
  • From now on ESD orders to Tarox are possible.

Test Lab: The all-new purchasing area

The new purchasing area in ITscope has been released to the test lab today:

You can now create several individual shopping boards all in the central, new purchasing area. Demands from the product catalogue can be collected on each board, orders triggered and managed, and quotes requested through the new negotiation function.

We will continue to develop this feature in the coming months. Therefore, we are looking for customers who would like to join us in designing the new purchasing area. We are very much looking forward to any kind of feedback for improvement from your end.

You can activate the test lab for yourself without disturbing your colleagues. It is also possible to switch back to the old surface at any time. Collaboration with colleagues using the old interface is also guaranteed at all times.

The following areas and functions change with the new feature:

For buyers

  • The previous purchase board will be replaced by a new shopping area, in which you can create several shopping boards according to your requirements. You can switch back to the old area at any time. The new boards with your positions will then be hidden.
  • There is a company-wide board, the Common Shopping Cart, which is marked by the light blue color. Here you can collect e.g. your daily requirements.
  • A division into different boards can make sense with regard to several aspects: on a project basis, for allocation to the responsible colleague in your company, depending on the time of purchase (immediately vs. later) or type of shipment (e.g. by drop shipment).
  • From the product catalog, you can choose which purchasing board you want to add items to. This allows you to work efficiently with your colleagues. Furthermore, you may also put products from collections or offers on the board.
  • A purchasing board includes the sub-areas Demand, Negotiation and Purchase, and can be used across teams.
  • Each required item contains the most important information, such as article number, product identifier, availability, market price, and so on. In the context area, you can change the source of supply. Alternatively, the features for automatic shopping cart optimization is also available here.
  • Invite several distribution partners to negotiate prices for each positions live by adding your contacts’ names. You can then order directly from the most suitable vendor at negotiated prices.
  • Orders prepared for checkout can be found from the tab Orders in the left column. In addition, you will see an overview of the orders with their respective status as usual and can call up the details just like before.

For sellers

  • In the main menu on the left side you will find a new Enquiries entry, which lists all incoming price inquiries of your customers. Use the search function to further narrow your search.
  • All the positions requested for you are collected in one inquiry. All you have to do is set the price per line item to submit a bid.
  • In the area below the requested positions you can see by position whether your negotiation was won or lost. A position is won as soon as your customer orders the product via the platform.

Release Notes for Update 2017.45

  • Electronic Software Delivery orders are generally available for the website and order API, starting with support for the distributors Also and Tech Data.
  • The table presentation for quote, order and collection has been unified and enhanced.
  • Fixed a quote bug when changing the total sum under some conditions.
  • Fixed bug when duplicating quotes with legacy products.
  • Updated documentation related to the new API 2.1, ESD orders and license types

Release notes for update 2017.43


  • The product information indicates whether a product is ESD (Electronic Software Delivery), license or support contract. The lists of ALSO, Wortmann and Tech Data are used for the identification of these identifiers.
  • The stocks listed for ALSO better reflect incoming products.
  • Fixed a bug where Chrome did not always display the time in the export history.


  • From today’s release, the API 2.1 is available with all methods and all export profiles in the beta stage (formats can still be changed until the final release): Interactive API documentation
  • From API version 2.1, ESD orders are possible via the order API, that is, the required customer data and the delivery Address are accepted via openTRANS and distributed electronically to participating distributors. The service is available for ALSO, shortly also for Tech Data and Wortmann as well as other suppliers.
  • For products and sources, a new ContractType field has been introduced that differentiates between physical products, ESD, support contracts, and licenses. This field is available as of API version 2.1

Release notes for update 2017.42


  • Changes to the company logo are now taken over immediately for the data sheet.


  • Filters for specific properties, e.g. Resolution standards and viewing angle for TFTs or CPU clock frequencies for notebooks are now more sensible and finer.
  • New category for “Managed Services” introduced.
  • Product pictures from Kentix have been blocked since 11.10.2017 for export as standard, they can be unlocked on request.
  • Product pictures of Optonica LED GmbH have been approved for exports since 11.10.2017.
  • The following suppliers are now listed: Optonica LED, GTM Technology Europe, Epoka, Talksky.

Release notes for update 2017.39

  • After copying and pasting texts with slashes into rich text editors, a question mark was inserted after a slash. This question mark no longer appears.
  • When configuring exports, removed manufacturers no longer appear in the selection.
  • Remarks for order items, transmitted via the API, are now indicated in the dispatched order.
  • Fixed a bug which led to an exception when editing the percentual margin on a quotation.
  • Changes on header- and footer-templates in the quote settings are now saved reliably.
  • The interactive API-Docs for the versions 1.0, 2.0 and 2.1 are available again.

Release notes for update 2017.38


  • Order free text can be stored on the order items, which are forwarded to the distributors. For distributors with a corresponding purchase order connection, these texts are printed on the delivery note.
  • A new clear position view with details of the distributor replaces the previous display versions on prepared orders. The popup with all reference source information can now accessed by a link.


  • The Hover shows the product IDs (SKU, EAN, ITsope ID) by means of the hover over the product IDs on the order items.
  • You can now jump back to TAB and Shift + TAB between instant search, result table, and filter.


  • E-Service Realtime from Convena has been converted to the current Realtime web service from Convena.

Others and Bugfixes

  • Collections and quotes can now be created directly in the project area.
  • Fixed an error in the text editor for the text in the header and footer, which unexpectedly resets the cursor to the beginning of the text.