Release Notes for Update 2020.04

Apart from fixing a few bugs, this update allows B2B Suite proprietors to add a signature to introductory E-Mails and specify whether a portal offers user specific shopping carts.

B2B Suite

  • Proprietors can now add a custom signature to introductory E-Mails.
  • Hiding SKUs now works reliably when Product IDs are deactivated altogether.
  • Within the portal configuration, there is now an option to only offer user specific shopping carts.

Purchase Orders & Sales Orders

  • In the company statisticslinks to the subpages “Price list import report”, “Distributor comparison report” and “Manufacturer comparison report” are shown.
  • The “Stopautomaticprocessing” field in an Opentrans Order can now be processed as well.
  • The calculation of the optimisation difference did not include the savings from lower shipping costs correctly. This bug has been fixed.

Suppliers & Prices

  • IntuITech GmbH has been added to ITscope.

Release Notes for Update 2020.03

This update gives B2B proprietors the opportunity to provide their customers with an additional price optimization. This optimization can be renamed and can be provided with individually chosen suppliers. Furthermore, the optimization for minimal sources can now be hidden.

B2B Suite

  • Customer groups can now be given a unique price optimization. This optimization gives them the opportunity to optimize carts, using only the provided suppliers.
  • The optimization concerning minimal sources can now be deactivated.
  • The number of available sources that was previously displayed within the product banner is now only visible if the option “Show suppliers” is active for this customer.

Purchase Orders & Sales Orders

  • Proforma invoices now contain information regarding additional costs.

Suppliers & Prices

  • One4Business Solutions (Sonepar) and Procurri GmbH have been added to ITscope.


Release Notes for Update 2020.02

After the festive season we are busy back at work. Apart from improving the sources of supply list, we ensured that customer groups and categories inside the portal configuration can be duplicated.

Purchase Orders & Sales Orders

  • Searching for companies takes considerably less time.
  • Orders can be transmitted to the procurement system Systemhaus ONE.
  • The design of the sources of supply list has been optimised in order to ensure that it resizes properly.
  • Within the company view, administrators can edit the contact details of all employees.

B2B Suite

  • The portal configuration now allows the duplication of customer groups and categories.
  • The specific product type is now marked when products are selected in the portal configuration.
  • The design of the supplier selection table has been overhauled.
  • Within portals, products no longer show SKUs if the product-IDs have been set to “hidden”.
  • Product list designs have been optimised. Information concerning VAT is displayed smaller and the “Partners Only” filter is only visible once activated.
  • Dashboard tiles show the correct cost during cost calculations including surcharges.
  • Texts within the portal configuration have been improved.
  • Within the portal configuration, the separator between the list- and detail-area can be adjusted individually. This spacing is saved and will be kept for the next page view.
  • Templates can be created for invitation E-Mail introductions in the portal configuration. Also the signature in the preview is now displayed correctly.
  • We made sure that within portals that use punchout, orders cannot be set as prepared.

Release Notes for Update 2019.51

We used the past week to simplify the creation and selection of carts and also fixed quite a few bugs. Especially the purchase board was tackled in order to ensure all processes work as intended.

Purchase Orders & Sales Orders

  • The ITscope header now features the option to select and create shopping carts.
  • Cancelled orders are now marked as such in order response documents.
  • The sources of supply list has received an overhaul in order to simplify the setting of quantities and the adding of products to carts.
  • In case the archived filter was not set, the general cart was not being displayed. This error has been fixed.
  • The error that users were able to modify the quantity within the detail view of prepared orders has been fixed.
  • The buttons used to create new shopping carts and completing orders have been removed for punch-out users.
  • In case the test lab feature “skip order preparation” was activated, orders that received warnings would be unable to be completed. This error has been fixed.

B2B Suite

  • Emails concerning new purchase orders from B2B portals will now be sent only to the address specified in the order conditions. Staff with selling rights will no longer be notified.
  • The shopping cart selection located in the header of B2B portals can now be used for the creation of new carts.
  • When copying collection to shopping carts the correct sources of supply will be set.
  • Prices displayed on the portal dashboard will now include sales tax depending on the portal settings.
  • The portal dashboard now only displays the “More…” button in case there are actually more products to load.

Suppliers & Prices

  • A surcharge can now be added to price rules. This charge will be added once the margin was calculated.
  • Tier One Distribution B.V. and Aliter Networks B.V. have been added to ITscope.

Release Notes for Update 2019.50

The changes made this week concern our API, which now supports the compression of XML and JSON files, the product header which now displays the different kinds of available non-retail prices and carts within B2B portals which have received a usability update.

API & Export

From Monday, 16.12.2019 in the evening, the endpoints of the ITscope Product API will also support compressed transmission (“Content-Encoding: gzip”). From that point, all clients sending requests with the HTTP header “Accept-Encoding: gzip” will receive the XML or JSON response compressed with gzip. Browsers already set the header by default. However, if you retrieve XML/JSON via the product API or product exports with other clients, you can save traffic with the following settings:-

  • curl: Use “curl –compressed” to compress the data and extract it immediately.
  • wget: wget -q -O- –header=”Accept-Encoding: gzip” <url> | gzip -cdf > export.xml
  • For other clients, please refer to the documentation on how to set the Accept Encoding header in the request.

The use is optional. However, in case you make a lot of requests or download large XML or JSON exports , we would appreciate it if you use compression. This will also speed up the transfer.

Suppliers & Prices

  • The product header now features the non-retail prices in their specific sub categories (bulk, refurbished etc.).
  • The price calculation table containing the price rules has received a visual overhaul.
  • Order sent to the distributor Conrad will now be sent to their EDI system.
  • Bytec Bodry Technology GmbH, Vikings Tech Group A/S und Biurteksa UAB have been added to ITscope.
  • Orders can be sent to Bytec now.

B2B Suite

  • Proprietors can now specify whether the SKU and EAN are visible to portal customers.
  • The ability to share collections was moved to the action menu.
  • We made sure that the adding of non-retail products to carts selects the correct wares.
  • It is now possible to create new carts directly from the header bar.

Release Notes für Update 2019.49

“Communication is key.” That’s why we made sure that notification emails, detail views and purchase board cards display additional information regarding errors or warnings. Apart from that, users without purchasing rights now have the ability to request a purchasing approval via email.

This week’s focus lies on the sources of supply list within the product detail view. We are looking to improve the usability of it’s “Add to cart” feature. Furthermore, we are working on simplifying the process of creating carts within B2B Suite portals.

Purchase Orders & Sales Orders

  • It is now possible to share ITscope products, collections and quotes to Vario 8. Purchase orders will be created there accordingly.
  • Notification emails regarding errors during the transmission of orders will now display a detailed error message.
  • The error cause is now displayed on the order card itself, in addition to the activity stream.
  • The detail view now once again displays information regarding errors or warnings.
  • Employees without purchasing rights can now send purchasing requests via email.
  • The purchasing board’s “order tracking” now displays the number of orders included in each cart.
  • Cards on the purchasing board’s “order tracking” now displays the total price, including additional costs such as shipping.
  • The option to display orders on the board now specifies whether this refers to the purchasing or sales board.
  • The purchase order search now once again displays the buyer in the line title.
  • The order detail view now specifically states who performed the order.

Suppliers & Prices

  • The price calculation now allows for negative margins.
  • Gamaxnet Informatikai Kft. , Software ReUse Tauchhammer GmbH and TOMA IMPEX S.A.R.L. have been added to ITscope.

B2B Suite

  • The links to imprint, data protection and privacy and terms and conditions, which are displayed on the login page, now open the link at total page size, even if the portal is embedded in an iFrame.
  • OpenTrans documents sent to B2B proprietors regarding orders now include the supplier RP price.
  • Within the B2B Suite, category trees can now be duplicated via the creation dialogue for new categories.
  • The browser back function now works correctly within portals.

Release Notes for Update 2019.48

This week’s update features order tracing in the shopping board. In addition to the ability to skip the “prepared order” already in the Test Lab, we are approaching the goal of an easier checkout of the shopping cart on ITscope and the B2B Suite portals.

These enhancements are accompanied by filters for the Salesboard and some Quality of Live enhancements for the Platform and B2B Suite.

After moving into the new datacenter and providing additional new and more powerful servers, improving the usability of a price calculation and simplifying the checkout process are on the roadmap in the final weeks of this year.

Sales order & purchase order

  • The Purchasing Board can now be switched between the “Shopping Cart” and “Order Tracking” views. In the order tracking you can see all sent orders separated by the order status. This feature is now available to all users. In combination with the feature in the Test Lab to skip the prepared order column and by hiding the column “Hide Sent Orders” in the settings of the Purchasing Board, a picture of our goal to simplify procurement slowly emerges.
  • In the Salesboard and with the API 2.1, orders that have already been confirmed can now be cancelled by the seller.
  • In the Salesboard it is now possible to filter your sales orders by B2B portal, type, order channel and buyer.

B2B Suite

  • Customers with products that previously only had a price “on request” can now initiate a price request by e-mail in the B2B suite. This is sent to the e-mail address specified in the order conditions for the customer group. If no e-mail address is specified there, the e-mail is sent to all users of the B2B operator who have the right to sell.
  • In the display settings of a portal it is now possible to define whether a click on a URL (e.g. Legal Notice / General Terms and Conditions / Privacy Policy) opens this URL in the same tab or in a new tab. The setting option can be found directly under the configuration of the corresponding URLs. By default, URLs are opened in the same tab.
  • For inviting new employees of a customer for a portal, a predefined template was used as the introductory text for each e-mail. If a portal operator wishes to adapt this template, he can do so from now on in the settings of the respective portal. Note: The template refers exclusively to the introductory text (salutation and introduction). The signature and all other footer elements, for example, are not affected.

Suppliers & Prices

  • For an EDI order for Siewert & Kau, the end customer reference number is now also transmitted. Furthermore, order responses from Siewert & Kau can now contain a delivery date per item.
  • Realtime prices can be set up at the distributor CarTFT and thus displayed on ITscope.

Company & Account

  • Account holders of a German company can now also choose PayPal and invoice as payment methods.
  • We regularly inspect that our e-mails are displayed correctly in common mail clients. Very old clients, such as Lotus Notes, have often found it difficult to display our buttons and links in the mails. That’s why all mails now contain a button and a link in plain text.
  • The technical organizational measures (TOMs) can now be downloaded from the account page.


Release Notes for Update 2019.47


  • The product header has been overhauled and now also displays non-retail prices.
  • The filter “seller” is now available again within the “orders” section.
  • The ITscope status page can now be reached via the sidebar. It displays all the statuses concerning ITscope functionalities.
  • In case no CNET Extended Specs are available, the CNET Main Specs will now be exported via the API 2.0 instead of the ICECat HTML-Specs.
  • We made sure that the verification status of E-service configurations is saved when a real time update is performed.
  • We made sure that all address information provided by buyers is included within quote documents, both print and PDF.
  • Deals can now be archived if their status has been set to “ordered elsewhere”.
  • We ensured that the option to copy the shipping address from a quote to an order works appropriately. 
  • The API 2.1 received the new filter “time period”.
  • ComTech Systems Ltd has been added to ITscope.

B2B Suite

  • We ensured that B2B customers can reliably turn off notifications regarding status changes. 
  • The portal overview now allows for portals to be paused. Paused portals will display an information page instead of the regular login page and will not be accessible for customers. 
  • The incoming orders search now includes a filter for B2B Suite portals, allowing users to limit results to orders from a specific portal.

Release notes for update 2019.46

With this week’s update, we’ ve further optimized the purchasing board to make it easier for you to place your orders.

  • The threshold for low quantities and the resulting additional charges are now displayed directly on a card in the shopping cart. Customers can now see whether there is an additional charge in the shopping cart for small quantities.
  • If the minimum order value is not reached, a card in the shopping cart shows this before the order is placed.
  • The endpoint /products/queryProducts for the product search has been extended in API 2.1 to include the entry date. API 2.1 is still in the test lab. Further information about the parameters can be found in the support article.
  • In the B2B suite, order notifications can now be set up for each customer in the CC. For each customer you will find an additional field under “Account with us”. This can be used, for example, to set up approval processes.

Release Notes for Update 2019.44

This week’s focus lied on more informative purchase orders, an easier and more versatile portal configuration and the fixing of a few bugs and errors. Some of the improvements include the ability to download prepared and otherwise completed orders as PDF and openTRANS, improved order confirmations that provide information regarding the delivery date and an easier management of assortments, customers and price calculations within the portal configuration.


  • Prepared and otherwise completed orders can now be downloaded as PDF or openTRANS.
  • If available, the expected delivery date or goods receipt date will now be displayed within the purchase order and order confirmation.
  • Prepared orders now display an error message in case the real-time authentication fails.
  • A few bugs regarding the e-mail domain settings have been fixed. The tab will now open correctly if some e-mail domains have already been configured.
  • Within the product search users now have the ability to filter by “Partners only”.

B2B Suite

  • The export of portal assortments has been simplified. The assortment can now be exported directly from the customer, exports tab.
  • Proprietors can now duplicate existing price calculations.
  • The customer list displayed within the portal configuration has received a performance upgrade and will now load significantly faster.
  • When creating new customer groups, the system now checks whether a category tree has been selected.
  • In the case of portal orders that are blocked due to a reached limit, the option to continue order automation will now only be displayed if the automation is active.
  • For portal orders, it is now always displayed whether a distributor order exists.
  • The product table within the portal configuration has been revised and now adapts more appropriately to different screen resolutions.

Suppliers & Interfaces

  • LaserNetworks Kft. has been added to ITscope.
  • Individual price lists can now be set up for LINDY Elektronik.
  • A new endpoint ‘/punchout/oci/setupRequestFrame’ has been added to the API, allowing the platform to be viewed within SAP NetWeaver.

Release Notes for Update 2019.43

Apart from a few bug fixes and usability improvements, we worked on the portal configuration. The behavior of global objects has been adjusted and the functionality of authorizations has been verified. Furthermore, we made some changes to the presentation of the portal configuration. In order to simplify orientation, the portal logo is now displayed in the configuration header. Secondly, the portal name can now be edited directly in the header.

B2B Suite

  • The portal configuration header now displays the portal logo. It also allows for the editing of the portal name.
  • The problem of being unable to edit user authorizations after pulling up the portal overview has been fixed.
  • The portal overview’s interface has been adjusted to consider the user’s authorizations. The ability to add assignees to a portal will now only be shown to users with the required rights.
  • The deletion of customer groups was causing global objects to be displayed incorrectly. This issue has been fixed.
  • The editing of categories has been reviewed and tested. The errors caused by the Drag & Drop feature have been fixed.
  • We made sure that the portal overview is now being displayed correctly for users that work with Internet Explorer.

Purchase Orders & Sales Orders

  • The activity log within the Purchase Orders and Sales Orders sections has been fixed. Users are now able to compose entries without any restrictions.
  • The performance of the tables displayed in the orders overview has been optimized. Loading times caused by table entries have been reduced considerably.
  • For distributors, that provide standard prices as well as individual prices, the standard price option can now be reactivated.
  • In case an individual price list or a real time price update has been arranged with a distributor, the detail view displaying the sources of supply will now show the standard price as “not available”. This ensures that no incorrect standard prices are being displayed.

Release Notes für Update 2019.42

Price Calculation

  • Within the price calculation, variables (such as manufacturers, suppliers or product types) of already existing rules can now be edited.
  • The price rule bar chart will now also display negative margins.

Purchase Orders & Sales Orders

  • Purchase order with the status “completed elsewhere” can now be archived.

B2B Suite

  • Access details needed for product files can now be specified directly in the “New product selection” dialogue, eliminating the need to declare them in the URL.
  • The dashboard seen by portal customers can now be customized to a further degree. Product categories and dashboard tiles can now be hidden, leaving only the entered text on the starting page.
  • Using the “Share” button, purchase orders and sales orders can now be sent to the ERP system Systemhaus One.

Suppliers & Interfaces

  • The distributor comparison report has been revised. Standard prices will now be transmitted correctly.


  • The Deal model within the API 2.1 received three new fields: automated, imported and businessType.




Release Notes for Update 2019.41

B2B Suite

  • User rights within the B2B Suite have been adjusted. Portal configurations can now only be edited by authorized users, such as assignees and administrators.
  • A legal info link can be entered within the set-up tab. This link will appear in sent e-mails as well as the portal login page.

Suppliers & Interfaces

  • Nova Business Solutions UG  and Black Dragon Distribution s.r.o. have been added to ITscope.

General Improvements

  • User with rights concerning E-services can now deactivate the respective E-service in the “My profile” section.

Release Notes for Update 2019.40

B2B Suite

  • Price calculations and product selections can now be set as global or local objects. The former are available to all portals, the later only to a single one. Additional insight can be found in the support article about B2B Suite objects.
  • Portals can now receive multiple assignees. These can be set within the portals overview.
  • The sales board received a new feature. Prepared orders can now be created for B2B purchase orders. These prepared orders will include the customer shipping address.
  • The order automation received a new functionality. While it previously only worked for orders to suppliers, it know also functions for order placed directly to B2B proprietors.
  • If order automation is continued after reaching the selected order limit, a dialogue window will appear confirming the action. This should prevent the action from being accidentally executed more than once.
  • The division of work-spaces within the B2B Suite has been emphasized. The admin-view can now only be accessed by users with the appropriate authorization.

Product Catalog

  • After overhauling the price calculations, we took a look at its usability. For example, entered grid values can now be confirmed with the enter key.
  • Furthermore, changes made to the price rule grid do no longer need a site reload in order to be logged to the stream.
  • When creating a new price rule, an existing rule can be selected and it’s grid will be copied to the new rule.
  • Last but now least we made sure that existing rules can not be created a second time. In case a rule with the chosen parameters already exists, the “create” Button will be grayed out.

Quote & Order Request

  • Selecting a source that is no longer available will no longer lead to an error message.

General Improvements

  • The company search received a new filter. Users can now filter for firms that have an electronic order connection to ITscope.
  • In order to improve the filters within the companies tab, the E-service filter has been split into two parts: “Offered E-Services” and “Activated E-Services”. The former contains all firms that offer E-services, the later all E-services that have already been activated.

Release Notes for Update 2019.39

Price calculations within and the B2B Suite have received a major overhaul and are now more flexible. Apart from the product type, the parameters “Manufacturer” and “Supplier” have been added, giving proprietors the opportunity to create price rules based on these options. Furthermore, new portal customization features have been added, including the creation of a personal welcome message for customers and the ability to the adjust the dashboards tile sizes.

Product catalogue

  • In order to give proprietors a wider range of price calculation choices, price rules now include the option of adding manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Additionally, a support article has been added that details all the feature’s ins and outs.

B2B Suite

  • In order to structure the portal configuration as clearly as possible the presentation and picture section have been moved to their own tab and can be found under “Appearance”.
  • Additionally, the domain, notification and legal information settings have been moved to the new “Portal settings” tab.
  • Proprietors can now configure a custom welcome message in the customer group tab. This message will be displayed on the dashboard.
  • Dashboard tile size can now be adjusted in the customer group tab. This enables proprietors to set all tiles to an equal size.
  • The separation between portal based configurations and the overall configuration has been ensured.

Suppliers & Interfaces

  • Sovamax Trading GmbHHirsch & Ille Handels GmbH  and Rainbow Sales LTD have been added to ITscope.
  • In order to clearly communicate changes, E-service modifications, particularly parameter changes, are now visible via stream.

Release Notes for Update 2019.38

This week our focus was set on putting the finishing touches on the customer view and providing you with a better and more precise English translation. On the platform side the PIM gained some new functionalities and users gain more insight when it comes to the availability of E-services.

B2B Suite

  • Customer view has been given his final polish and has also received a detailed support article that describes its usage and functionalities.
  • The English translation of a large number of textual elements within the portal configuration has been adjusted.

Suppliers  & Interfaces

  • Orders to the distributor Alexander Bürkle will now be relayed to their EDI system.
  • The area “Price list lines” within the PIM now contains two more columns: the wholesale price as well as the RRP.
  • Custom settings such as the column order or width will now be remembered by the PIM and will take effect accordingly.
  • In case a firm does not provide E-services, platform users will now be informed of this fact.
  • In the “Companies” section, the functionality of real-time configuration to a distributor can now be checked under “My account”.

Auftrag & Bestellung

  • Price real-time updates for products located in shopping carts are now much more reliable.

Release Notes for Update 2019.37

The administration of B2B portals has become more approachable thanks to a portal overview. Furthermore, notifications can be configured to a larger extent. One of the goals we are continuously working on, is to make our platform notifications even more flexible. At the same time we are currently overhauling our B2B Suite wording. In a first step, the term “shop” has been replaced with “portal”.

B2B Suite

  • In order to help B2B proprietors with the administration of their created portals, a portal overview has been added. It displays a list of all available portals and allows for access to a specific portal configuration.
  • In order to import clients via Single Sign-On, customer e-mail addresses are no longer necessary. However, clients with no available address will be unable to receive platform e-mails.
  • B2B proprietors will now receive e-mails regarding errors that occur during automated order processes.
  • The logo displayed in the top left corner of a B2B portal can now be removed via the shop configuration. This option is relevant for proprietors that display their portals embedded in frames.
  • The Apple CTO-Finder has been adjusted and now only displays Apple products.

Purchase orders & Sales orders

  • Order list filters now adapt correctly to the selected platform language.
  • Causes of errors that occur during the ordering processes will now be displayed within the order activities.
  • Orders can now be set to the new status “partially invoiced”, using the API Endpoint `/business/deals/partiallyinvoice`.

Quote &  Order Request

  • The negotiation solution has moved to the Test lab. This feature is now deactivated by default but can be activated via the Test lab window.

Suppliers & Interfaces

  • The PIM has been adjusted and now checks whether data supplied to numerical fields consists of numerals.
  • The suppliers ALLNET Austria and EURATECH have been added to ITscope.

General Improvements

  • Cancelled exports will now be handled correctly and users will be notified through the stream.
  • Users can now edit their personal contact information without having the permission to edit company settings.
  • Users now have the ability to switch off platform generated e-mails. This can be done under the profile settings.
  • Product selections created in the export area can now be fixed appropriately by clicking on “Correct”.

Release Notes for update 2019.36

B2B Suite proprietors are now able to view statistics regarding customers and their activity. Print templates for quotes have become more flexible and the purchasing board allows you to complete orders elsewhere.

B2B Suite

  • In order to grant proprietors more insight, customer statistics are now displayed in the shop configuration.
  • In order to simplify the creation of product assortments, the assortment type is now explained in detail.
  • Incoming order confirmation e-mails have been overhauled. In order to guarantee data protection, customer names are no longer displayed in order confirmation e-mails. In the case of a proprietor placing an order in a customer shop, the customer firm will be displayed.
  • If a proprietor enters the customer view, the user menu now displays the correct information.
  • The option “hide column for placed orders” has been removed from the purchase board settings, if the user is connected via Coupa or SAP Ariba.


  • The print templates for quotes have been upgraded. Now personal letterheads can be applied to all pages.
  • When sending a quote via e-mail, multiple receivers can be added via CC.

Order & Purchase Order

  • Within the purchase board, orders can now be completed elsewhere, if the order has been completed in another manner (for example via phone).
  • When copying an order to a shopping cart, a specific cart can be chosen as the target.
  • Enlarged carts now display the prices correctly.
  • In order to make the purchasing board more clear, errors are now displayed in the shopping cart column.
  • The dialogues for serial numbers and shipping documents have been optimized. When switching between different orders, the dialogues now show and hide correctly.

Suppliers & Interfaces

  • Order to the distributor imcopex will now be relayed to their EDI system.


  • The API 2.1, which is currently in a testing phase, has been extended. For the endpoints `/business/deals/advise`, `/business/deals/confirm`, `/business/deals/invoice` and `/business/deals/reject`, the status  ‘suppressMail’ can now be applied. This allows for a status change without notifying the customers. 

Release Notes für Update 2019.35

Starting this week, owners of the B2B Suite will be able to easily inspect their customer portals. We have introduced a function allowing you to log directly into the respective customer portal from the customer’s point of view. A time-consuming process of creating users for testing is no longer necessary.

Over the next weeks we will continue working on the Single Sign-On for the B2B-Suite and the option to model branch offices as well as extending the price calculation based on suppliers or manufacturers. Following this, we will be resume developing portal-based navigation for the B2B suite.

B2B Suite

  • It is now possible to log into the customer portal for a particular chosen customer to examine the customer’s view. There is a note in the detail area of the customer as well as an action button. Logging in this way is not anonymous. Each change made in the customer portal as for example an order can be followed by the customer.
  • A product list now shows the purchase prices next to the set prices instead of the wrong sales prices. The table headers have also been changed with the appropriate texts. This means that the two prices can be directly compared again.
  • The entry for “ITscope Shops” in the main menu has been renamed to “B2B Suite”.
  • In a shop configuration, the e-mail area now has its own section. In addition, the description texts have been revised for better understanding.
  • The deletion of a created ordering condition in the new administration interface no longer prevents the operation of ITscope.

Purchase orders & Sales orders

  • In the configuration settings for order optimization, the display of the threshold value has been corrected. The field is now displaying the amount without additional formatting.
  • The appearance of status labels on a map in the shopping board has been optimized.
  • The prices on an expanded card in the purchasing board’s shopping basket are now correctly displayed again.
  • Under rare circumstances, the filters in the order search did not work properly and now function more reliably again.

General improvements

  • Restyled browser notifications are back and are now disappearing in Safari using the correct animation.
  • English-speaking users now also see the events and updates in the news dialog.
  • The input in the password reset dialog is now checked more reliably.

Release Notes for update 2019.34

Starting this week, operators of the B2B suite can manage several category trees and use them for different customer portals. This is an important step towards portal-based administration. In addition, we have enabled Single Sign-On via SAML in the B2B Suite. If you would like your customers to only need one login for your systems and the B2B Suite customer portal, feel free to contact us.

B2B Suite

  • Multiple category trees can now be created and managed directly from the tab categories. You can assign a category tree to a customer group. This allows us to better support a wide range of customer portals. The existing categories have been defined as default and assigned to all existing customer groups.
  • The product lists have been designed to be more easily understandable. Among other things, the valid price is better highlighted so that it is easier to distinguish between fixed price and calculated price.
  • The technical foundations for a Single Sign-On via SAML were laid.

Other improvements

  • Projects are only displayed if they are contained in the customer-specific project list. Former project items are now removed.
  • The total price is displayed in the correct position on the table in a quote and no longer relocates.