RADIX interface

Data from more than 400 distributors are available

With the interface to ITscope, pre-maintained article data can be imported directly into the Radix quotation system in the same structure with texts, data sheets and illustrations.

Here, data from approx. 420 distributors is available. The article master is kept dynamically narrow, since articles imported from ITscope into quotations are only transferred to the article master when the quotations are commissioned.

The ITscope interface almost completely replaces the tiresome issue of article creation, which otherwise requires a large amount of manpower.

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available starting from: ITscope Integration




  • Transfer all information on articles, article accessories, purchase prices and suppliers via the interface to Radix

  • Import of machines including all model articles etc.

  • Access to articles from approx. 420 distributors

  • Dynamic article master through process logic when importing articles

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