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ITscope Business

491st user per month. Additional users: €7/month (minimum term 12 months)


  • Price comparison
  • Order online
  • Create online quotes

ITscope Integration

991st user per month. Additional users: €7/month (minimum term 12 months)

Everything in Business, plus:

  • Selected ERP integrations
  • API for Products
  • Integrate ERP & Shop *additional content package necessary for use in the shop
  • Data exports
  • Full Icecat for usage in your ERP system

ITscope Enterprise

1991st user per month. Additional users: €7/month (minimum term 12 months)

Everything in Integration, plus:

  • API for orders
  • Larger data exports

ITscope B2B Suite

o/rPlease contact us for your individual quote (minimum term 12 months)

Everything in Enterprise, plus:

  • multi-supplier B2B purchase portals
  • customer individual product portfolios & margins
  • OpenBook mode
  • Automated order routing & drop shipment
  • PunchOut connection for eProcurement systems

ITscope Free

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ITscopeBusinessIntegrationEnterpriseB2B Suite
Term of 12 months, annual payment    
1st user per month€49€99€199o/r
Each additional user per month€7€7€7o/r
See prices from 250 suppliers without supplier customer account
Integrate your individual prices from over 120 wholesalers
Integrate your product list (only visible to you)€25/mo€25/mo€25/mo
Additional suppliers (only visible to you)o/ro/ro/ro/r
Street prices
Purchasing board
Cart optimisation taking into account your individual shipping costs and small quantity surcharges
Electronic ordering
Fulfillment, drop shipment
Smart order function for all distributors
Invoice, delivery note and serial numbers
Individual shipping costs, minimum order charges and other individual surcharges
Negotiate quotes online
Notification when your customer views the quote
Your customers can close quotes online
Your own domain
Your own letterhead for the quote
Margin calculation
Your own GTC
Create individual lines such as on-site service or technicians hours
Price Calculation
Integrate your product list (only visible to you)€25/mo€25/mo€25/mo
Procurement portals for B2B customers
Customer-specific product portfolios and margins
Hide suppliers and OpenBook feature
Automated EDI order routing
PunchOut connection for eProcurement systems
Permission system (orders, quotes, exports, supplier accounts management, administration)
Company and user profile
Address management
Add and remove users
Customisation (datasheet, quotes, emails)
Display of Full Icecat and CNET data within the ITscope platform
Display of brochures, manufacturer datasheet, marketing texts
Display of additional information such as tariff number, e-class
Price, stock and status charts
Display of original accessories, compatible accessories, etc.
Display of refurbished and renewed products
Custom logo on datasheets, emails and quotes
Custom datasheet template€149€149€149€149
Full IceCat HTML content for usage in your ERP system (language: EN)
Full IceCat HTML content for usage in your shop (language: EN)€149/mo€149/mo€149/mo
Full IceCat HTML content: licence for additional languages (available languages: DE, ES, FR, IT, NL)€149/mo€149/mo€149/mo
CNET HTML content Basic (language: EN, one Country Top Level Domain)€99/mo€99/mo€99/mo
CNET HTML Content Basic: licence per additional language / Country Top Level Domain (available languages: DE & FR)€99/mo€99/mo€99/mo
CNET HTML Content Advanced (language: EN, one Country Top Level Domain)€149/mo€149/mo€149/mo
CNET HTML Content Advanced: licence per additional language / Country Top Level Domain (available languages: DE & FR)€149/mo€149/mo€149/mo
CNET HTML Content Premium (language: EN, one Country Top Level Domain)€229/mo€229/mo€229/mo
CNET HTML Content Premium: licence per additional language / Country Top Level Domain (available languages: DE & FR)€229/mo€229/mo€229/mo
Important advice for usage of content data in online shops

Overview of the content packages
Export of content data from Full Icecat and CNET according to licensed content package
Content for marketing and datasheets
Links for images and technical datasheets
Master data: one file - all suppliers
Up to 7 category levels exportable
Continuous stock and price updates
Export of Bechlem, CNET, Icecat IDs
Export filters
+New items only
+Products with images only
+In stock only
+Filter for category and manufacturer
Maximum number of products per exportUp to 200,000Up to 800,000Up to 800,000
Historical data€100/mo€100/mo
Integration of additional suppliers (only visible for you)o/ro/ro/ro/r
Integration of your stock list (only visible for you)€25/mo€25/mo€25/mo€25/mo
All master data accessible
Simple REST API with JSON and XML
API for products
API for orders
Electronic order tracking incl. documents
API for quotes
API calls per month50,000250,000250,000
Unlimited use of API€100/mo€100/mo
Support for account setup (one-off block of one hour)
Premium Support Contract (contains 2 hours of support and consulting services per month)
Support over the phone Mo - Fr, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. CET
Support and consulting per hour€120/h€120/h€120/h€120/h
Consulting packageso/ro/ro/ro/r

Frequently asked questions about our plans

No. Ordering via ITscope costs the same as buying from the supplier directly. Also, when using ITscope B2B Shops for selling, transaction fees only apply to orders that customers place with you.

On the ITscope Platform, CNET and Full Icecat image and product data is shown in various languages without any additional costs. For exports and via API they are integrated depending on your content plan.

You need a Supplier plan in order to sell through ITscope. In addition, you need to meet the following technical and general criteria.

The quote function is included with ITscope Business and above.