Order import, automatic document exchange and new interface partners on board: the ITscope ERP interfaces have received several new functions in the last weeks and months. In addition to weclapp, Systemhaus.One and other systems, ITscope is now also connected to the VARIO and HIW ERP systems. 

Thanks to the multitude of ERP interfaces connected to the ITscope platform, system houses and distributors are able to reduce their manual processes even further. Product data, prices, availabilities, quotes and extensive content are automatically imported into the respective core system. Customers of ITscope, the B2B trading platform for the IT channel, can order directly from more than 370 IT suppliers via the corresponding interfaces.

A new feature for all ITscope interfaces is the ability to configure the ERP interfaces. The ‘share’ dialogue settings can be used to configure the preferred ERP system and hide all other systems, allowing for a much less cluttered overview.

For example, if weclapp is used, then this system can be selected in the configuration settings. Here you can also see in which context the interfaces are used on the ITscope platform.

The dialogue is now much tidier after configuration.


The following key changes were implemented for the weclapp and Systemhaus.One interfaces.

Optimise your procurement process with ITscope and weclapp

The interface to weclapp offers several new features. The most important innovation is the automatic document exchange when sending orders from weclapp. After the customer has placed an order via weclapp, the products can be ordered directly from ITscope.

Furthermore, users are able to use lists of required products from weclapp to directly create a shopping cart with these items in ITscope. These shopping carts in turn can then be optimised and ordered via ITscope.

These orders can then be imported back into weclapp as ‘orders from ITscope’. Relevant order response documents (order confirmation, shipping notification, delivery note, invoice) are automatically synchronised to weclapp in this process, regardless of whether the order was placed through a list of required products or directly through weclapp.

The search function has also been revised, allowing searches to be carried out directly in weclapp. This saves users a lot of time when searching for information on products, suppliers and prices. As before, it is still possible to directly share products with weclapp via the ITscope search.

With the latest release it is now also possible to import orders generated in the ITscope B2B Suite – the eCommerce solution for system houses from ITscope – directly and without manual intervention via B2B order import into weclapp. This release also includes the addition of a tracking ID to the order receipt document.

Digital workflow thanks to the ‘share’ function for Systemhaus.One

Systemhaus.One is currently switching to version 10 of SAP Business One. A web client is included as standard and neumeier AG, provider of Systemhaus.One, will integrate the familiar ITscope operating elements step by step.

Systemhaus.One also supports the ‘share’ function, which allows B2B orders to be individually created in SAP upon clicking the ‘share’ button. Orders placed in the B2B Suite are directly transferred to Systemhaus.One via the order import.

New: interface with VARIO

The new VARIO interface allows ITscope users to access the 3+ million items on the ITscope platform directly from within the VARIO ERP. All product information including descriptions, images and datasheets can be directly transferred to VARIO.

The interface enables the import of all information on products, product accessories, prices and suppliers into VARIO. Quotes created in ITscope can also be transferred to VARIO.

Also new: interface with HIW

Compare, create and order – with the HIW software solution, fully electronic product creation and procurement is handled in such a way that users can access numerous ITscope functions from the ERP system. This makes the manual addition of products unnecessary, while products can be imported into the HIW system with just one click. Users can import product descriptions, images and datasheets directly from ITscope. In addition, prices and stock levels are automatically transferred and updated in real-time.

Furthermore, the addition of products in ITscope is also possible individually by click or as a mass export. Users can order directly from within HIW and transfer the order documents. Product collections can also be transferred from ITscope to HIW with just one click.

Further information on ITscope interfaces can be found here: https://www.itscope.com/en/erp-interfaces/