LISTINGS & E-SERVICES: 15 new suppliers and EDI integration of Wortmann Telecom

The supplier force in ITscope has been strengthened another time in Q3: 15 new distributors from seven EU countries have joined the ITscope network within the past three months:


Individual prices

Electronic Order Interface



Carema Hardware B.V.




Computersalg A/S


DSD Europe B.V.



EOD European Online Distribution GmbH


Globix Vetrieb GmbH & Co. KG



Incredible Computers Ltd.



Megabit (Südtirol) GmbH


Omnitrade GmbH


Printberry Distribution GmbH




PrintPoint GmbH




Prosoft GmbH


Rynux sro


Senetic GmbH



ThinClient GmbH (SmartSignage24)


ThinClient24 Srl


That means: With meanwhile more than 370 distributors — around 50 being non-German organisations — and more than three million products, ITscope is among the biggest ICT trading networks in the whole of Europe. 🚀

A complete list of all active distributors in ITscope can be viewed here ».


Now integrated via EDI: Wortmann Telecom

Another extension has been made with regards to order automation: all orders placed with Wortmann Telecom in ITscope are now routed by EDI, providing various services:

✅ Order response documents
✅ Dispatch notifications
✅ Invoices
✅ Serial numbers
✅ Parcel tracking
✅ Partial delivery
✅ Dropshipment

Orders transmitted by EDI are processed fully automatically, enabling shorter handling times and thus faster delivery. Meanwhile, a total of 39 suppliers has been integrated into ITscope by EDI.

15 Years ITscope, 15 Years of Channel

left to right.: Benjamin Mund, Stefan Reger and Alexander Münkel 2006

15 years ITscope… that’s a long time. It is also an opportunity to reflect on the past 1.5 decades: on our own development, but also on the challenges and innovations the Channel has seen. We would like to thank you — our customers, partners and companions — for 15 exciting years, review the most important milestones of the industry, reflect on changes at ITscope — and give you an overview of the future of our platform.

It all began in the ‘millenium summer’ of 2003: we, i.e. Alexander Münkel, Benjamin Mund and Stefan Reger, gathered at the open air bath of Bruchsal, Germany, to write the business plan for a company that should influence the ICT industry sustainably: ITscope was born, and we started operations beginning of November in Karlsdorf-Neuthard, Germany.

Stefan Reger, co-founder of ITscope

We had collected some experience in hardware commerce with our TFT shop before and realised there is a problem that was longing for a technical solution:

“Price lists used to have the most chaotic formats at that time. Some suppliers even sent them by fax. Benjamin Mund and I had been in the middle of our Information Technology studies and were convinced: we can make this simpler!”



Only few of you will remember our first tool: yes, there has been a V1.0 of the ITscope MarketViewer, and it launched in 2005. 😉 We even sent out CDs with a 200MB database containing 200,000 products from 119 suppliers. This is how it looked like:

The ITscope MarketViewer was partly sent out on CD back in the ISDN times of 2005

A smart marketing move? Or sudden death for ITscope?

Source: ChannelPartner 45/2005

It was end of 2005 when our small business experienced unexpected acceleration: our product caught the attention of Alexander Roth form ChannelPartner. We exchanged a few words on the phone only and had never expected neither the headline nor the hype that was following promptly after his article ‘Distis ausspioniert’ [editor’s note: German for ‘Distributors spied on’] about the MarketViewer was published:

One week later, we had 250 new signups and a few warning letters in our mailbox. 😱

Alexander Münkel, co-founder of ITscope

“Two distributors were instantly removed from the MarketViewer. We have clarified that we have always handled individual prices as strictly confidential and that they can only be seen by the respective reseller. That helped easing the flurry relatively quick. Some even congratulated us for a ‘perfect market entry’  — and we were able to push our vision further.”

“Geiz ist geil” threatened the Channel

The price transparency movement — simply consider the “Geiz ist geil” campaign [editor’s note: German for “Stinginess is sexy”] from 2002 — was the latest B2C trend, making it even harder for ICT resellers to survive on ebbing margins.

Benjamin Mund, co-founder of ITscope

It became virtually impossible to compensate service by hardware profit. This is why at ITscope, we pursued two objectives from the very beginning:

first, better margins for our resellers thanks to better purchasing conditions and second, more time for customer care thanks to automation.

From 2007, we therefore built export and API features, e.g. for automatic product creation in ERP systems, and integrated content data from CNET as well as Icecat. First official interfaces to channel ERP systems like Mention and c-entron were available from 2008. Today, more than 15 ERP systems are connected out-of-the-box.

MarketViewer 3 — and other dead ends

Why do we fall? — So we learn how to lift ourselves up again. 😉

It was a great time, back then in 2009. Especially the CeBIT part. We introduced and MarketViewer 3, too. Unfortunately, both products were based on platforms that were not technologically sustainable. This is why we had to say goodbye to both MarketViewer 3 and in the end.

Left: keen interest in shop solutions at CeBIT 2009, right: Stefan Reger and MarketViewer 3 one day before the CeBIT opened its doors

Leap into the cloud, EDI for the Channel Plattform 2012 Beta: screenshot from 2012

2011 standen wir dann am Scheideweg: Weiterwursteln oder neue Wege beschreiten? Wir machten einen klaren Schnitt und trennten uns von unserem langjährigen Investor, der DCI AG. Das kostete Kraft, doch wir konnten auf ein Netzwerk aus juristischer und wirtschaftlicher Beratung zurückgreifen, das uns durch diese schwierige Zeit begleitet hat. Heute sind wir stolz darauf, wieder ein gründerfinanziertes und inhabergeführtes Unternehmen zu sein!

2011 was a crossroad year for us: continue the same way, or risk to discover new trails? Eventually, we made a clear cut and at the same time separated from our longtime investor DCI AG. This sapped much of our energy, but thankfully, we had legal and advisory backup in our network, who had helped us through these rough times. Today, we are proud to be a founder-funded, owner-managed company.

On the technology side, we ventured a comeback based on a new-from-scratch, entirely browser-based solution: away from the client, and right into the cloud. In Vaadin, we found a Java framework that united lightweight web applications and a powerful ReST API, and provided us with a solid basis for further development. Since then, we have extended our platform step by step in iterative development processes.

Standing still was no option: we began to realise automatic order processes — so-called EDI integrations — in 2013. Today, 40 distributors, among which are ALSO, api, Ingram Micro, KOMSA and Tech Data, are connected to ITscope by EDI. This provides significant benefits for all entities involved in the order process: less cost, faster handling, better deliverability. It is our aim to further extend this feature continuously.

New: digital solutions to unite sales and procurement processes

One thing is for sure: There is still massive potential for system integrators in relation to sales. In 2016, we made a first step with interactive live online quotes. No more tedious document ping-pong — the future is digital, direct and without media interruptions. We are now opening up a new chapter with our B2B Suite and, analogous to producement,  transfer our customers’ sales process into the cloud. We have re-imagined sales in collaboration with some of you — our customers: sales without shop systems or conventional quotes.

Custom tailored B2B Shops let system vendors digitise their sales.

In a nutshell, B2B Shops gives all system integrators the opportunity to provide their own customers with individually tailored shopping environments that route customer orders to the distribution automatically. First customers are already using our new solution.

André Nösse from Nösse Datentechnik explains:

“We have tried to find a new, innovative way to make IT purchasing of one of our major clients better and faster. Soon we realised that the features we use in ITscope are exactly those that we would like to give to our customers.”

We are very proud of this solution indeed: system integrators are able to invite their clients into a closed shopping area that is easy to integrate into their clients’ procurement systems and lets them purchase upon click.

“It is incredibly easy to set up a customer shop with ITscope. In a few minutes only, everything is ready to sell, from product range and selection of suppliers, over margin rules to individual logo and design of our customer. Our sales staff doesn’t even have to ask someone from IT for help.”


Sneak peek into the future…

ITscope team in October 2018: The company is scouting for new colleagues to support its future growth

We will continue to work hard so that digitalisation will work for YOU, too: with easy to implement, efficient and practicable solutions for your everyday challenges. This is why we would like to make our new sales solution available to everybody as soon as possible.

We are moreover dedicated to push forward features for our international clients. This is why we have already integrated more than 40 suppliers from all across Europe. Full procurement in several foreign currencies is on top of our roadmap for 2019.

v.l.n.r.: Natalie Stößer, Taha Aktas, Alexander Münkel

Much more is to come, and we are full of ideas. 😊 This is why we continuously look for new fellows, especially in the domains of Java development, sales and marketing.

In parallel, we also support young talents and offer trainings. This is why we are overly excited that 23-year-old Taha Aktas, one of our talents, has just been awarded Best Informatics Trainee of Baden-Württemberg.

Taha, we are proud of you! 🎉

Quo Vadis, Channel? — Voices & comments from the industry

In being an anchor point for the ICT industry, we are regularly in mutual exchange with companies from the Channel. For our 15th birthday, we asked a few longtime customers and partners: What will be next? What is it that will be shaping the channel? — Here are their answers:

“While companies in the enterprise sector will continue another while to run their own data centers, the trend among SMEs is straight towards the cloud. In the fields of servers, we will moreover continue to be engaged in the ‘big data’ topic. As our clients produce more and more data that is to be processed, their infrastructure needs to grow simultaneously.”

— Firat Güney, CEO of Happyware Server Europe GmbH

“The ICT industry has significantly changed during the past 15 years. Seen as ‘machine movers’ in the past, system vendors have transformed into holistic service providers who offer 360° services to their customers. There have also been shifts on the client side: companies nowadays regard IT as strategic competitive advantage, rather than a cost block. Moreover, security thinking has remarkably improved with regards to data management. It will be crucial for the success of the industry to say goodbye to isolated systems and move on to comprehensive, integrating strategies.

— Andreas Schober, CEO of aconitas GmbH

“The Consolidation process among system houses will move on. Smaller system vendors will yet continue to be successful if they specialise and build on monthly gross yield. Automated accounting of cloud and managed services with Systemhaus.One is already important today and will gain even more importance in the future.”

— Thomas Neumeier, CEO of neumeierAG

“One of the milestones in the past 15 years has surely been the shift towards drop shipment. Today, all procedures are much more process-oriented, so stocking up like in former years has become irrelevant. Also, the paradigm of integration has very much established, both on the business and the technology level. Especially ITscope has helped us here. Thanks to their integration into our ERP system, our sales and purchasing teams can collaborate in the best way possible, accelerating our business processes significantly.”

— André Nösse, CEO of Nösse Datentechnik GmbH & Co. KG

ITscope’s ‘Most Wanted’ Market Barometer Q3/2018

Apple recovers notebook crown, Intel CPUs supply shortfall, Microsoft stays king of tablets

ITscope’s “Most Wanted” market barometer Q3/2018 is out now – with all current top sellers from 11 categories plus the best newcomers at

  • Notebooks: MacBook Air wangles crown out of HP, Lenovo remains strong competitor
  • CPUs: Supply shortfall and price leaps on Intel’s new 6-core processors
  • Smartphones: Apple dominates the battle, Samsung Galaxy S9 remains no. 5
  • Wearables: Increasing competition for Apple from Garmin and…
  • Hard disks: Samsungs 970s on the rise, new WD Red 8TB in sight
  • Priters & MFDs: New price breakers from HP for small offices






View the latest issue of ITscope’s “Most Wanted” market barometer as PDF or get detailed figures from this MS Excel-File.

And these are the 30 most active newcomers with hot seller potential:

Pos. Manufacturer & product name Manufacturer # Listed since Q3 clicks
# 1 Microsoft Surface Go, Pentium Gold 4415Y, 8GB, 128GB JTS-00003 12.07.2018 2283
# 2 Apple MacBook Pro, Touch Bar, Core i5, 8GB, 256GB SSD MR9Q2D/A 13.07.2018 1928
# 3 Intel Core ® i7-8086K Processor 6-Core, HT, 4GHz BX80684I78086K 29.05.2018 1352
# 4 Apple HomePod, Smartspeaker, 2-Way, BT 5.0, Space-Grey MQHW2D/A 04.06.2018 1277
# 5 Logitech Slim Folio, for 9.7″ iPad, BT, Schwarz 920-009018 10.07.2018 1218
# 6 Dell P2419H, 24″, LED, 1920 x 1080 Pixel (FHD) DELL-P2419H 03.07.2018 1081
# 7 HP ProDesk 400 G4, Core i5, 8GB, 256GB SSD, W10 Pro 4CZ90EA#ABD 02.06.2018 969
# 8 Samsung 970 EVO, 500GB, M.2 2280 NVMe MZ-V7E500E 21.07.2018 763
# 9 Apple USB-C Powersupply, 30W, for MacBook 12″ MR2A2ZM/A 06.06.2018 585
# 10 Logitech MX Vertical, 6 Buttons, Unifying, 4000 dpi 910-005448 21.08.2018 473
# 11 ASUS DUAL-RTC2080-O8G, RTX2080, 8GB 90YV0C30-M0NM00 24.08.2018 452
# 12 Apple Solo3 – Beats Decade Collection, On-Ear, Black MRQC2ZM/A 08.05.2018 446
# 13 Acronis True Image 2019, Box TIH2B2DES 22.08.2018 401
# 14 AVM FRITZ!Box 7530, 4x GigE, WLAN b/g/n/ac 20002839 28.08.2018 369
# 15 Apple iPhone XS, A12 Bionic, 256GB, 5.8″, 458ppi MT9H2ZD/A 14.09.2018 352
# 16 HP Enterprise ProLiant ML30 Gen9, 1x Xeon E3-1220V6 P03705-425 01.05.2018 330
# 17 Synology RackStation RS1219+, NAS, 8-bay, Atom C2538 RS1219+ 08.07.2018 312
# 18 Apple Watch Series 4, 1.78″, S4, 16GB, Space-Grey MU6D2FD/A 15.09.2018 310
# 19 Delock VL100, USB-C to DP, Black 63312 04.05.2018 294
# 20 UbiQuiti PoE Injector 802.3af, 48V, 0.5A U-POE-AF 12.06.2018 280
# 21 Kyocera ECOSYS P6230cdn 1102TV3NL1 14.07.2018 246
# 22 Logitech Rally, USB 3, 3840×2160 (4K) 960-001227 10.06.2018 231
# 23 Nikon D3400, 24.2MP, 6000×4000 Pixel VBA490K001 09.05.2018 211
# 24 Gigabyte B450M DS3H, B450, Micro ATX GAB45MDSH-00-G 20.07.2018 204
# 25 Brother MFC-L3750CDW MFCL3750CDWG1 29.07.2018 198
# 26 Gigaset C430HX Duo, DECT, SIP, RTP L36852-H2765-B101 06.05.2018 197
# 27 Apple iPhone Xs Leather Case, Black MRWM2ZM/A 13.09.2018 158
# 28 Dell Wyse Thin-Client-VESA-Mount DELL-M2PMF 02.06.2018 156
# 29 Be Quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 rev.2, Full-Tower, XL-ATX, Black BGW14 20.06.2018 141
# 30 Kingston DataTraveler 106 32GB, 3.1 Gen 1 USB Black DT106/32GB 08.07.2018 110

LISTINGS, INTEGRATIONS & CO.: 23 new distributors, four new EDI connections & seven new shop interfaces

The product range on ITscope keeps growing: another 23 suppliers from Germany and other European countries have joined the ITscope network within the past months, e.g.:

WORTMANN TELECOM (400 articles)
DACOM Deutschland (6,000 articles)
Ingram Micro Österreich (205,000 articles)
EFB Elektronik (7,000 articles)
Eccentric Professionals (188,000 articles)
PeakOptical (3,000 articles)

That means: With more than 340 distributors — 40+ being non-German companies — and 3+ mio products, ITscope counts among Europe’s largest ICT trading networks. 🚀

A complete list of all suppliers active at ITscope can be found here ».


Now connected to the ITscope EDI: ActionIT, Eno Telecom, Littlebit and EET Europarts

We have also accelerated with regards to electronic order integrations for ITscope: All orders placed with ActionIT, Eno Telecom, Littlebit and EET Europarts (Germany and Austria) are now routed through the ITscope EDI, which includes various services:

order response documents
dispatch notifications
serial numbers
parcel tracking
partial delivery

Orders transmitted by EDI are processed fully automatically, leading to shorter processing and thus delivery times.


New shops connected: seven in one strike!

There have moreover been numerous new entrants at the shop front. The following systems can be linked to ITscope with the solutions of our partner Synesty GmbH: Afterbuy, Magento, Magento 2, Plentymarkets, Shopify and Shopware.

Users of the respective connectors have access to all product, price, and stock data of more than three million ICT products.

And yet another addition has been made to our portfolio of ERP interfaces: Users of Microsoft Dynamics NAV can now use the two consecutive modules provided by mse Software GmbH to import comprehensive article data into their ERP, and order directly from Navision.

Meanwhile, the interfaces from Systemhaus.One, resp. SAP Business One to ITscope have received an important update. Users profit from a range or electronic order services thanks to the integration into ITscope’s EDI system.

An overview of all ERP and shop interfaces to ITscope can be found here ».

You are interested in one of our various interfaces, or would like to integrate your systems individually with ITscope? — We will be happy to advise you!


Contact us »

ITscope’s ‘Most Wanted’ Market Barometer Q2/2018

New front-runner in notebook segment, Galaxy S9 unable to keep up, Apple is getting colourful

ITscope’s “Most Wanted” market barometer Q2/2018 is out now – with all current top sellers from 11 categories plus the best newcomers at

  • Notebooks: HP ProBook 450 G5 new front-runner
  • Smartphones: Samsung Galaxy S9 below expectations, unable to outperform iPhones
  • Displays: demand for curved displays still restrained
  • Tablets: new iPad generation sells high
  • Graphic boards and mainboards: bitcoin hype over, prices declining
  • CPUs: 8-cores trend topic in consumer segment






View the latest issue of ITscope’s “Most Wanted” market barometer as PDF or get detailed figures from this MS Excel-File.

And these are the 30 most active newcomers with hot seller potential:

Pos. Manufacturer & product name Manufacturer # Listed since Q2 clicks
# 1 Apple iPad, 9.7″, 32GB, Space grey MR7F2FD/A 28.03.2018 4838
# 2 Samsung 970 EVO, 500GB, M.2 MZ-V7E500BW 25.04.2018 2029
# 3 Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon, i7 8550U, 8GB, 512GB SSD 20KH0039GE 04.04.2018 1688
# 4 Apple Watch Series 3, 42mm, Space grey MRQH2ZD/A 29.03.2018 1598
# 5 Apple 38 mm Classic buckle, Spring yellow MRP42ZM/A 28.03.2018 1443
# 6 HP ProDesk 400 G3 DM, i5-7500T, 8GB, 256GB SSD 1EX82EA#ABD 08.05.2018 1000
# 7 Apple iPhone 8, 64GB, red MRRM2ZD/A 10.04.2018 968
# 8 Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Pad, Bluetooth MRMH2D/A 28.03.2018 906
# 9 Intel Core  i7-8086K, 6-Core, 12 Thread, LGA1151, Coffee Lake BX80684I78086K 29.05.2018 825
# 10 HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M281fdw T6B82A#B19 08.05.2018 769
# 11 Apple Cover for iPhone X, soft pink MRGH2ZM/A 28.03.2018 676
# 12 ASUS PRIME X470-Pro, AMD Sockel AM4, ATX 90MB0XG0-M0EAY0 14.04.2018 513
# 13 Apple HomePod, Space grey MQHW2D/A 04.06.2018 465
# 14 HP LaserJet Color Enterprise M553dn B5L25A#B19 08.05.2018 463
# 15 Canon CanoScan Lide 220, 4800 x 4800 dpi, USB 2.0 9623B010 08.05.2018 378
# 16 UbiQuiti UVC-G3-AF, 4MP UVC-G3-AF 30.03.2018 377
# 17 Jabra Engage 75, Stereo Headset, black 9559-583-111 05.04.2018 358
# 18 Kyocera TK-5270K, 6000 Seiten, black 1T02TV0NL0 04.04.2018 347
# 19 Canon CLI-551XL C, cyan, 6444B001 08.05.2018 330
# 20 Fujitsu B24-8 TS PRO, 23.8″, FullHD, black S26361-K1577-V160 08.05.2018 318
# 21 Apple Lightning-cable, 1m, white, USB-C – Lightning MQGJ2ZM/A 26.04.2018 315
# 22 TP-LINK TL-MR3020, LTE, IEEE 802.11n TL-MR3020 12.04.2018 307
# 23 HPE MicroServer Gen10, AMD Opteron X3421 2.1 GHz, 8GB P03698-421 08.05.2018 299
# 24 Intel NUC5CPYH, Celeron N3050, USB 3.0, black BOXNUC5CPYH 08.05.2018 291
# 25 CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2018 CDGS2018DEDP 11.04.2018 289
# 26 Sharkoon TG5 RGB, Midi-Tower 4044951020607 09.03.2018 281
# 27 APC SMT1500RMI2UC, Line-Interactive, 1500VA, 6AC connectors SMT1500RMI2UC 30.03.2018 271
# 28 Be Quiet! Dark Rock 4, 200W TDP, 920g BK021 06.04.2018 231
# 29 DIGITUS DN-19 42U-I-6/6-1, 42U, network-rack DN-19 42U-I-6/6-1 16.03.2018 221
# 30 Cisco IP Conference Phone 8832, dark grey CP-8832-EU-K9= 08.03.2018 198


340 distributors in one strike! — ITscope @ IFA 2018

Maximum procurement efficiency with new features: Never before has the assortment on been larger, have resellers been so active, and have tools been so versatile. Meet us between August 31 and September 5 at IFA 2018 in Berlin and let us update you regarding all the comprehensive ITscope features in a personal 1×1 demo:

  • research and purchase 3+ mio ICT products from more than 340 suppliers
  • inquire prices online, segment your demand & order at optimal cost
  • experience the integration of live quotes and procurement solution
  • seamlessly integrate your ERP & shop systems
  • sell more with CNET & Full Icecat content

Visit us in hall 17, booth 110/14 at the api stand. We are looking forward to seeing you!




There’s news for suppliers and manufacturers of ITC products, too!

ITscope offers various sales-promotional features for the sellers’ side as well. Learn how to seamlessly expand your customer network, gain valuable market insights for your research and sales planning, and accelerate your processes by connecting to the ITscope EDI. Also, experience the new price inquiry tool within ITscope live and discover how to get the most out of it for your sales activities.

You can RSVP here »

We are looking forward to seeing you!

August 31 — September 5, 2018
hall 17, booth 110/14

The new purchasing board is live: all updates at a glance

With today’s update, important innovations are going live in ITscope: The new purchasing board has been extended by various features and tools that make your procurement even easier. We have worked eagerly during the past six months — now all ITscope users can start off with the new features.


Read full article »

What’s new?

▶ One purchasing board — multiple shopping carts: split your demands into separate carts

▶ Price inquiries: request quotes from multiple distributors at the same time & order directly at the quoted price

▶ Collaboration: make teamwork even easier

▶ Context is king: all information on supply sources, prices, quotes, and communication in one central place

▶ Your direct line to ITscope: submit questions or feedback fast & easy through the red chat icon


Tutorial 1


What are the benefits of the new features?

▶ Prefect clarity
Segment your demand, e.g. by customer, employee, project, daily demands, drop shipment etc.

▶ Transparent collaboration
Always see which colleague from your procurement team is working on which order.

▶ Save time
Inquire article prices with one click only from as many suppliers as you’d like, instead of making tons of calls.

▶ Receive better quotes
Increase your margin by comparing quotes from different suppliers.

▶ Direct orders
Place orders directly from a supplier quote at the agreed price.

▶ Aggregated information
View and search all price inquiries, chats and orders in one place


Many of our customers have supported us with feedback during our test phase, in which the new purchasing board was available through our test lab. At this point, we would like to send out a big Thank you to all of you who have tried out the new features and shared their input.


Lost and confused?
We hope, you’re not! To make your start on the new purchasing board as easy as possible, we have published a blog series for you, containing detailed information and video demos. Moreover, we have listed and explained all terms used in a purchasing board glossary, so you can always look up the terms that you need.


Requests? Ideas? Feedback?

Your opinion matters. Let us know through our feedback portal how you like the new purchasing area and how we can improve it even further. You can also see from the “PUBLISHED” tab which feature requests have already been implemented by us.

Happy purchasing!


Purchasing through ITscope: new tools make your ICT procurement easier — Part 1

A fresh layout and new features: The purchasing area within ITscope has been overhauled step by step during the past months. A set of new tools for collaboration within your organisation, as well as between IT resellers and suppliers, has been added to make your ICT procurement even more efficient. Feedback and requests from numerous ITscope users have directly influenced this transformation.

In this article, we will show you what’s new and how to make maximum use of the new features.

1. New layout: multiple shopping carts for segmentation of your demand
1.1 Useful segmentation criteria
1.2 Adding articles to your shopping cart
1.3 Changing & moving items
2. Send online price inquiries to several distributors at the same time
2.1 How to start a price inquiry
2.2 How to accept a quote
2.3 How to withdraw a price inquiry
3. Seamless integration: order directly from within a quote
4. Easier collaboration between team members
4.1 Assigning shopping carts to colleagues
4.2 Using filters on shopping carts
5. Context is king: all information that you need


1. New layout: multiple shopping carts for segmentation of your demand

The new purchasing area can be accessed just like before by clicking on the “Purchasing” tab in the main menu on the left of the ITscope platform. What is new is: upon click, instead of entering your old shopping card, you will now enter your new company-wide purchasing board, which may contain multiple shopping carts.

Tutorial 1

How to access the new purchasing board

You will notice your new “General cart” at first glance. When clicking on the arrow icon on the left next to the cart, the cart will expand and presents your orders in the three status columns you are used to:

  • Shopping cart
  • Prepared orders
  • Placed orders


Your old shopping cart has been automatically migrated to your “General cart” — there is nothing you have to take care of. 👍

The zoom functionality of the shopping cart column (as well as the columns “Prepared orders” and “Placed orders”) allows you to view further details of your cart or order. To do so, simply click on the little square icon on the upper right of the shopping cart column. Alternatively, you may click on the header line of a supplier card in a specific cart to open the details view. All information is now displayed directly within the board, as opposed to a separate column as in the old purchasing area.

Tutorial 2

View more details on our shopping cart or order

The three column design of the shopping carts is equivalent to the previous purchasing area. What is new, however: You may now discretionarily add further shopping carts by clicking on the “Create cart” button. This enables you to divide your overall demand 100% individually and according to the requirements of your organisation. Especially for large purchasing team (or when buying and sales agents simultaneously work on the purchasing board of ITscope) profit from this new feature.

Tutorial 3

Create multiple shopping carts

1.1 Here are a few examples of how you can divide your purchasing board into multiple shopping carts:

  • By customer: Segment your demand by customer or customer group. This is particularly favourable if you have customers that regularly request products from you.
  • By project: With more comprehensive ICT projects, various article are often needed in larger amounts. By allocating these items to separate project carts, clarity is significantly increased and you will remain on top of your projects.
  • By employee: If your customers have a permanent account manager within your company, then it might be useful to create shopping carts by employees.
  • By time of requirement: Do you typically order on a daily basis but would like to collect items for certain projects until the order is placed officially? Then you might want to create one shopping cart for “daily requirements” and one for “in progress”.
  • By mode of dispatch: Which articles shall be sent to you, and which ones must be delivered directly to your customers via drop shipment? By dividing your purchasing board into shopping carts “for drop shipment” and “direct delivery to us”, you can minimize the risk of confusing shipping modes.

Creating multiple shopping carts ensures that separate demands for different projects do not get mixed up, thus providing perfect clarity for you and your colleagues in ITscope.

1.2 Adding articles to your shopping cart

Articles may be added to your cart directly through the search bar of the cart. Alternatively, you can add articles like before using on of the following methods:

  1. on the product details page of an article
  2. directly on the product portal
  3. from a collection
  4. from the purchasing area of a customer quote
  5. through the quick access area below the main menu by drag & drop
Pro tip: You can add the same article as multiple items to a shopping cart. This allows you to e.g. arrange delivery to different addresses. Also, it helps you to split your purchases to several distributors if your demand cannot be covered by a single supplier. In the details view of the cart column, you are furthermore able to see who added the product from which area of the platform. 👍

1.3 Changing & moving items

Each item is allocated to a specific supplier at first. You may change this allocation anytime by clicking on the price selection menu. Conveniently adjust quantities in this step, too.

How to adjust allocation of suppliers

As a matter of course, you may move items between shopping carts at any time, either by drag & drop or again by using the price selection menu of an item.


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Purchasing in ITscope: key terms explained

The new purchasing board in ITscope — currently accessible through our test lab — is going live soon. In order to make working with the new board as efficient as possible for you, we have compiled a number of terms that equip you with all the terminology that you need.

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We have collected and explained the most important terms for distributors, too. Read our glossary for sales here ».

340 distributors in one strike! — ITscope @ CEBIT 2018

On June 11, CEBIT will open its gates in Hannover again: with a fresh logo and a brand-new concept, the world’s biggest trade fair for information technology will one again attract countless international visitors. Apart from all the innovations that have been announced, one thing will remain unchanged: The channels meets to trade.

This is exactly what happens on every day: with more than 8,000 resellers and 340 distributors, ITscope offers a unique trading network for the entire ICT industry. Book your personal 1×1 demo slot and get to know the various new features of ITscope for ICT resellers live:

  • Order more than 3 mio ICT products directly in ITscope
  • Inquire prices from multiple suppliers online and in one go
  • Smartly split your product demand & order at optimal cost
  • Use 1 order interface for all 340 distributors
  • Seamless integration into your ERP & webshop
  • CNET & Full Icecat content
  • and much more…

Meet us and our stand partner weclapp in hall 13, stand E38 and grab one of the much sought-after ITscope partner tickets!*


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There’s news for suppliers and manufacturers of ITC products, too!

ITscope offers various sales-promotional features for the sellers’ side as well. Learn how to seamlessly expand your customer network, gain valuable market insights for your research and sales planning, and accelerate your processes by connecting to the ITscope EDI. Also, experience the new price inquiry tool within ITscope live and discover how to get the most out of it for your sales activities.

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We are looking forward to seeing you!

June 11th – 15th, 2018
hall 13, stand E38

*only while stocks last