The address selection dialogue has not only been given a new look, but also some functional enhancements that make managing and adding addresses much easier. It is now possible to edit additional address lines directly for individual orders. Additionally, company addresses can now be selected directly from the new address book. 

What’s new?

The billing and delivery addresses can be edited for prepared orders. Two options are available to do this:


The Edit button can be used to modify the address directly in the prepared order. In this case, however, any changes to the address will not be transferred to the address book, and will therefore only be applied to the respective order.

With the Choose from address list button, you can also select another address from your company’s network and use it for the order by selecting Save address. You can also edit the address directly using the Edit button – this change will then also be applied to the address book.



For the delivery address, you can also carry out a search within your company network via the upper search bar. To do this, type in the name of the company you are looking for and then select the company from the resulting list. All addresses that you have saved in your company network for this particular company will then be displayed. Click on the corresponding line to select the address you would like to use. Select Save address to apply this address to the order.

In addition, you can also edit or delete addresses saved in your contact network for the selected company or add new company addresses.

If you want to directly add a new company contact, enter the name of the company in the search bar and select the Add new company contact option in the search results.


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