What were the most popular IT products of the last year? To find out, ITscope looked back at the past months and evaluated the most popular products in the most clicked categories of the year on the ITscope platform. Lenovo, Dell and Logitech certainly did exceptionally well.

Karlsruhe, 25/02/2021 – The year 2020 was one of constant ups and downs – not only due to the rising and falling infection rates during the pandemic, or the constantly changing rules of the lockdown. The IT channel has also been subject to significant fluctuations in recent months. Due to the sudden run to work in home office, we saw a massive increase in demand for the technology and equipment required for employees to work remotely. In particular, the figures for the fourth quarter of 2020 from the ITscope Market Barometer clearly demonstrated: notebooks, monitors and webcams are the high flyers of the year and should be considered the absolute ‘winners’ of the pandemic.

For Lenovo, all signs pointed to success in 2020: with the ThinkPad E15, the Chinese manufacturer achieved a truly impressive result. Directly after its first listing back in November 2019, the ThinkPad E15 grabbed second place in the notebook charts – with almost 5,000 clicks. And it’s been going up ever since: in Q2, it was already in first place with 10,000 clicks at the peak of the Corona pandemic. Lenovo’s popular notebook managed to hold this position in the third quarter as well, with almost 13,000 clicks. The crowning achievement was the peak result of over 21,000 clicks in the fourth quarter.

Price/stock level/status history and product click history for the Lenovo ThinkPad E15 (SKU: 20RD001FGE), January to December 2020


The situation is similarly good for monitors, as these indispensable accessories also benefitted immensely from the home office boom and emerged as clear winners of the pandemic. The P2419H from Dell is the TFT counterpart to the ThinkPad E15. Since the fourth quarter of 2019, this popular 24″ LED monitor has continuously claimed first place. But this monitor doesn’t seem to stop there, because the P2419H is also continuously increasing its score. With just under 6,000 clicks in Q1 and Q2, the P2419H managed to leap to an impressive 9,000 clicks in Q3. And even that’s not enough, as in Q4 the number increased again to over 13,000 clicks – a very strong result for a product that has already been listed since 2018. In contrast to the UltraSharp range, the P range also includes cheaper budget models. It seems like the cheaper models are preferred when it comes to buying a second device for the home office.

Price/stock level/status history and product click history for the Dell P2419H (SKU: DELL-P2419H), January to December 2020

Overall, the top-ranked monitors also achieved impressive click numbers in Q4: while the average click number for the top 10 products from the first to the third quarter was around 22,000 clicks, it almost doubled in Q4 to over 40,000 clicks.

An extremely unusual situation also emerged in the webcam category. In the middle of the year, we witnessed an exceptional situation: no home office should go without these devices which are indispensable for video telephony. And this is also reflected in the click figures: at around 26,000 clicks for the top 10 network cameras in Q1, interest started spiking massively in the wake of the Corona pandemic and peaked at a dizzying 72,000 clicks in Q2. In Q3, the click figures flattened out again somewhat to around 36,000 clicks, before demand picked up again for the second wave in Q4 with just under 58,000 clicks. Logitech in particular benefits from the growing demand for webcams and not only secures the top 10 almost without exception, but also repeatedly took first place with the extremely popular HD Pro Webcam C920. In a review of the camera, the camera managed to convince testers with sharp videos and natural colour reproduction.

Price/stock level/status history and product click history for the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 (SKU: 960-001055), January to December 2020


Just like webcams, it is hard to imagine a work desk without headsets at the moment. Here too, the peaks in Q2 with almost 40,000 click, and in Q4 with around 33,000 clicks, can be lined up side-to-side with the infection curves. Alongside Jabra, Logitech is also extremely successful in this category. The on-ear PC Headset 960 USB is in the lead for the entire year – a remarkable achievement for a headset that has been listed for over ten years. The fact that Logitech had to deal with delivery problems in the spring and summer, causing prices to soar, is shown by the price/stock level/status history, similar to the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920:

Price/stock level/status history and product click history for the PC Headset 960 USB (SKU: 981-000100), January to December 2020


In the tablet segment, an increase in clicks can also be observed in Q4 2020: after an average of 23,000 clicks between Q1 and Q3, the top 10 tablets reached a total of almost 49,000 clicks in Q4. Apple, with the 10.2-inch iPad from 2019, as well as from September with the follow-up model from 2020, and Microsoft, with the Surface Pro 7, are both ahead during this pandemic. The latter product in particular is ideally suited for flexibly switching to working in the home office, as it is in no way inferior to a normal notebook in terms of performance.


Although they are not completely necessary in the home office, smartphones do make things easier – for example, as a practical and easy-to-use alternative to internet telephony. The year 2020 was in any case a great year for Apple: in Q1, the iPhone 8 was still leading, closely followed by the iPhone 11, which subsequently secured first place in Q2. By this point, another Apple device in second place was already catching up fast, and then scored first place by a clear margin for the rest of the year: the second-generation iPhone SE. This smartphone can absolutely keep up with the top models in terms of performance, and probably also owes its success to the general uncertainty regarding the economic outlook. Many customers who previously bought Apple’s premium models with prices of 1,000 euros and more are now opting for the lower-priced iPhone SE and are prepared to accept small compromises, such as when it comes to the camera.


The situation that emerged with multifunction printers is also interesting. For some employees, these devices are an indispensable tool in the home office, which is why demand here also increased again in the second quarter and most recently in the fourth quarter. HP clearly dominated here in 2020, initially with the HP LaserJet Pro M404dn, and then in the third and fourth quarters with the HP Officejet Pro 9010 All-in-One. The latter printer is suitable for both office and home office applications and is a real all-rounder with printing, scanning, copying and even faxing functions. With a wholesale selling price (WSP) of 225 euros, it is in the lower third of the price range.


PC systems, which have recently been labelled as slow sellers, appear to have experienced an upswing in the fourth quarter of 2020. Although PC systems unfortunately cannot score as home office equipment and therefore tend to be considered as the losers of 2020, one PC system can nevertheless hold its own as a winner to a certain extent: the Lenovo ThinkCentre M720q 10T7, which consistently took first place in the category. This Lenovo is a compact mini-PC that is quiet and power-saving even under heavy loads and impressed reviewers in this test in terms of price-performance levels.


It remains exciting to see how the situation will develop in 2021. Experts assume that demand, especially for notebooks and monitors, will continue to grow in 2021. Regardless of how the Corona-related restrictions develop, many companies are banking on providing employees with a fully equipped second workstation in the home office in the long term.


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