New features that are still in development can be used and extensively tested with the ITscope test laboratory. Recently, new features have been added and can now be activated in the test lab section of the platform – help us to make these features even better by providing feedback!

New address selection in orders

The first new test lab feature allows users to replace the old address selection dialogue with a new, extended selection dialogue that simplifies the management, selection and addition of addresses.

By activating this feature in the test lab, users are able to directly edit the address when ordering. Previously, addresses could only be adjusted globally and it was not possible to adapt an address for only one order – now the process is much easier. During the ordering process, the delivery and/or billing address can be edited or swapped by clicking on the ‘Edit‘ or ‘Choose from address list‘ button. This feature is useful if a different employee within the same company is the recipient of the order, for example.

By clicking on the ‘Edit button next the delivery or invoice address, you are able to directly edit the corresponding address. Contrary to making changes in the address book, this is not a global change and only affects the delivery or billing address of the current order. The address that was initially selected from the address book will remain unchanged – as the info field in the screenshot also illustrates. It is therefore only a one-time action and prevents accidental wrong deliveries in the future.

Furthermore, the address field is no longer limited to just one recipient, as it is now possible to also add an address suffix. This could, for example, be used to specify the employee within a company that is the recipient of the order. As an address suffix, this information will always be printed on the address label of the parcel – this was not the case with every distributor previously.

Selecting the ‘Choose from address list button (below the delivery or billing address) will open the address selection dialogue. We have also improved the search function for contacts from your own contact network, in addition to improving the contact creation function. Other addresses that have already been stored can also be selected in this dialogue and can be used for individual orders.


Skip order preparation

Thanks to this additional new feature, which can also be activated in the test lab, orders can be generated directly from the shopping cart and shipped immediately. This eliminates the need to move the order to the ‘Prepared orders‘ column of the purchasing board.

Up until now, the ‘Prepared orders‘ step was included in between the ‘Shopping cart‘ and ‘Placed orders‘ steps.

With the new feature, this intermediate step is hidden and the order can be ordered directly from the shopping cart.

This reduces the ordering process by one step and the overall procedure is similar to B2C portals, where it is common practice to place orders directly from the shopping cart.

We appreciate your feedback when testing the new features in the test lab!

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