Karlsruhe, 25/11/2020 – With the rising numbers of coronavirus infections in this second wave, is demand for home office equipment increasing again? A recent analysis of inventory figures on the ITscope platform shows that many employees seem to be switching back from working in the office to working in their own homes. Notebooks are almost sold out, TFT monitors are also running out of stock and webcams inventories have not even had a chance to replenish after the first wave of infections. 

While warehouses were still almost completely empty in spring, the situation eased over the summer months as supplies were being replenished. With the beginning of autumn, and therefore the second wave of COVID-19, toilet paper is not the only product that is being hoarded once again, as demand for suitable home office equipment is also rising considerably again.


Notebooks almost sold out again

Stock levels of notebooks seem to closely follow the coronavirus infection waves: between March and April, stock levels were close to zero, returning to normal over the summer, and then going back down to rock-bottom as infection rates increased in October and November.

Evaluation of the average total stock level per notebook for the top 100 most clicked notebooks, since January 2020


A similar pattern can also be seen with Lenovo’s ThinkPad E15 20RD (SKU: 20RD001FGE), with 8GB RAM and i5 processor, which is a particularly popular device for the home office, and has been completely sold out since the beginning of October. This has directly affected the price: in the first weeks of November, the usually relatively inexpensive notebook was selling for around €100 more than back in August.

Price/stock level/status history and product click history for the Lenovo ThinkPad E15 (SKU: 20RD001FGE), January to November 2020 


If you don’t want to do without an E15, you’ll have to hurry and buy the more expensive and powerful ThinkPad E15 20RD (SKU: 20RD0011GE), with an i7 processor. However, the general shortage of stock is having a considerable impact on the price of this model: instead of the regular wholesale selling price (WSP) of €900, the price is averaging around €1100 at the moment.

TFT monitors, equally indispensable in the home office, are also showing a downward trend in stock levels. So far, the situation here is much less dramatic than for notebooks though. Even the popular P2719H from Dell (SKU: DELL-P2719H) is currently still available in large quantities. But if you don’t want to spend the winter in your home office without a monitor, now is perhaps a good opportunity to consider getting a new screen in case the downward trend continues.

Evaluation of the average total stock level per TFT monitor for the top 100 most clicked TFT monitors, since January 2020


Webcam stock levels not recovering

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, webcams have been in a constant state of short supply: stock levels are still very low and there is little sign of improvement. Especially in comparison to the beginning of the year, it is clear that stock levels have dropped considerably in this category.

Evaluation of the average total stock level per webcam for the top 100 most clicked webcams, since January 2020


This low-stock situation is also reflected in the prices. In some cases, buyers have to cough up three times the previous price – e.g. for the Logitech HD Webcam C270 (SKU: 960-001063). While the WSP for this particular webcam remained very stable at around €15 up until March, the current price is around €70.

Price/stock level/status history for the Logitech HD Webcam C270 (SKU: 960-001063), January to November 2020


It remains to be seen when stock levels will return back to normal. With the vaccines due to be made available at the end of the year, chances are good that the situation will improve next year and that the majority of workers will be able to return to work. This will likely reduce the demand for home office equipment.

For all those who have not been able to get hold of their dream notebook due to the shortage of stock, it is important to remain calm. The first wave of infections has shown that warehouses can replenish stock just as quickly as they are currently selling out. And for all the people that can’t wait until then, ITscope offers a whole range of alternatives: with more than 370 listed distributors, you will always find a product that is equally or even better suited to your needs.

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