All-electronic procurement via EDI

Order automation for faster purchasing

Want to order from several different suppliers, and automatically receive electronic responses, with a single integration? Electronic data interchange gets it done! Benefit from reliable and convenient order processing, resulting in faster turnaround times.

What is EDI?

EDI is an acronym for Electronic Data Interchange, which can take place between two companies or company entities. The fully electronic communication between the respective (ERP) systems is central to this process, aimed at providing both systems with data in real-time. One of these systems acts as the sender system and initiates the process, e.g. by submitting an order. The receiver system may then return status and handling data, in one or more responses sent to the original sender system.

EDI systems use standardised data formats for their communication. In contrast to manual interchange, data exchanged via EDI is transmitted with high speed and without human errors. Information is automatically exchanged between both systems without outside intervention. This is an advantage during procurement processes, as orders are submitted reliably, accurately and in real-time to the supplier system. The supplier is then also able to send immediate responses.

Advantages of EDI Procurement via the ITscope API

The ITscope order API lets you establish an EDI process with currently over 60 distributors in one strike. Orders that you place through the ITscope API are delivered directly to the order management system of the supplier via EDI. This has several advantages:

Orders placed with the ITscope EDI directly land in the distributor’s system. The distributor is able to receive your order automatically via EDI, and is able to immediately start processing the order. As a result, ordering via EDI is just like ordering directly from the distributor.

Goods ordered via EDI can be dispatched earlier and therefore reach you or your customers quicker. The need for time-consuming email exchanges is eliminated. The system also ensures reliability, with the automatic transfer of data reducing susceptibility to errors, as no manual work is involved during the sending and receiving of the order.

Why waste time connecting each supplier separately, when you can integrate more than 60 distributors at the same time through one interface? Thanks to the ITscope order API, procurement processes become more efficient, and the benefits of rationalisation can be utilised.

Once your order has been received by the supplier, they can send you helpful information about the status of your order through the EDI interface. Order response documents, dispatch notifications, invoice documents or parcel tracking: electronic replies such as these can be returned directly into your core system, i.e. your ERP (subject to the individual configuration of each supplier). These updates can, for example, be very helpful in keeping customers updated about the delivery status of their orders.

ITscope shopping carts and distributor order responses can be directly imported into your ERP system, either via the API or through an XML/openTrans download. This also enables EDI processes to be introduced on a flexible step-by-step basis, suited to your requirements. The integration works across systems, resulting in no interruptions to your established work processes.

The various included distributor EDI interfaces are continuously monitored, serviced and extended by us, ensuring you can always rely on the latest technology. Any distributors connected to ITscope via EDI in the future will automatically expand your EDI network, with no extra effort on your part. Via the API, it is also possible to transmit orders to distributors that do not yet have an EDI process. If an EDI connection is then added for the distributor in future, you will instantly profit from the faster processing, without further adaptation being required.

Would you like to take a sneak peek first? Better safe than sorry? You can put the EDI process to the test in our testing environment at any time, and go through all the scenarios as needed. Simply send orders to the test supplier ‘ITscope Partner Test’ and receive simulated responses.

This gives you the opportunity to comfortably explore the opportunities of EDI via the ITscope API, giving you a solid decision-making basis. We will be happy to activate the demo distributor for you.

ITscope order API — with or without EDI?

Fully electronic purchasing is made possible by the ITscope order API, regardless of whether a distributor uses EDI processes or handles orders manually or semi-automatically. The difference is:

When ordering through the ITscope API from the 60+ EDI integrated suppliers, you will receive individualised, automatic responses from the suppliers.

When ordering from any of the other 330+ suppliers, you won’t receive an immediate automatic response. Our system will only update the order status once the supplier has (manually) processed your order on the platform.

Integrated suppliers & features

Over 60 suppliers are already connected to ITscope via EDI, including numerous broadline distributors. ALSO, EET Europarts, Ingram Micro, Systeam or Tech Data: these and many other providers already accept fully electronic orders. More suppliers are already in the pipeline and will be added in the future. You can find an overview of all current EDI integrations and their services here.

Depending on the distributor, different levels of integration have been implemented, with many distributors providing comprehensive services. The following services and response codes are currently available:

  • Order response documents: these provide feedback on whether an order has been accepted or rejected.
  • Dispatch notifications: these are submitted once an article has been sent out for delivery. Shipment tracking IDs and information on the carrier are also available.
  • Invoice documents: these are sent out once an invoice has been issued. Depending on the supplier, varying information on the invoicing of the goods is included.
  • Serial numbers: you will need these for RMA processes, warranties and support questions.
  • Partial delivery: through the EDI interface, you can indicate whether you would like to utilise partial delivery in order to receive certain articles faster.
  • Drop shipment: the EDI interface submits all necessary address information to allow direct delivery to your end-customer.
  • ESD licence orders: all necessary information for ordering ESD licences is submitted.

This information keeps you fully informed throughout the order process, and as a result also allows you to keep your customers up to date.

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