• Orders with the status ‘Transmitted’, ‘Error’ or ‘Transmitting’ can be set to ‘Ordered elsewhere’ by the buyer via the corresponding button.
  • Orders that are transferred to the shopping cart will no longer automatically undergo price optimisation.
  • In the eService configuration, a price list can only be activated if all required access detail fields have been filled in.
  • An NPE error that occurred when converting addresses from the OpenTrans document has been fixed.
  • An error could occur if a contact’s first name was not specified in an order. This bug has been fixed.

Digital Sales

  • If a B2B portal has a custom sales price text to be displayed next to the price, then the tax information is moved to the dashboard of the respective portal, allowing the text to better fit on a product tile.


  • Specifying a gender for users and contacts is now optional. Additionally, a neutral gender option can now be chosen.
  • If a user has not uploaded their own avatar, a default avatar with the user’s initials is shown instead.