• After adding an item to the shopping cart, the error message ‘One of the items has no price and therefore cannot be ordered’ sometimes appeared. It may have been necessary to reload the page for this message to disappear. This bug has been fixed.
  • The layout of the order preview window has been adjusted to provide a better presentation.

Digital Sales

  • We have ensured that suppliers can only be added to a B2B portal once.
  • For B2B Suite price requests, the list of recipients can now be specified in the order conditions of the B2B portal. If this field is left empty, all employees with the right to sell will be notified when new requests are submitted.


  • For orders via the ITscope API where an explicit invoice address (PartyRole=invoice_recipient) is specified, this invoice address is now also correctly displayed on the ITscope platform when ordering, and also in the corresponding order PDF.