In order to facilitate working with the address selection, this release contains several bug fixes relating to the address selection version in the test lab. Additionally, B2B portal customers now have the option to edit addresses on a one-off basis when placing an order.


  • Two errors have been fixed in the test lab version of the address selection. Error messages no longer occur when selecting addresses, and an error when creating addresses for own company contacts has been fixed.
  • We have ensured that the quick selection area in the sidebar is easily visible with narrow bar widths as well.
  • Problems sometimes occurred when opening the sources of supply view for accessory products. This bug has been fixed.
  • The ‘/info/quota‘ API request now contains information again on whether API access to the platform is permitted.

B2B Suite

  • When placing an order, portal customers have the option of selecting an address from the address book, or alternatively to provide a one-off address only for this order. Doing this does not change the entry in the address book.
  • The export of the comparison between the portal assortment and the classification systems is now possible without the portal assortment cache.