In order to give portal operators a better insight into customer activities within their portal, we have created a new section containing portal statistics. This new ‘Metrics‘ tab is now available in the portal configuration, providing statistics on usage patterns and ordering behaviour.

B2B Suite

  • A ‘Metrics’ tab has been added to the portal configuration, containing portal-specific statistics on usage patterns and ordering behaviour.
  • The product file preview now contains images of the products contained in the file again.
  • We have ensured that portal customers can only see their own company.
  • Only product IDs that are also visible for the product in the portal are listed in order PDFs.


  • Scaled prices can now also be retrieved in real-time from the distributor SECOMP.
  • In the sources of supply detailed view, scaled prices were sometimes not displayed at all or were displayed with an incorrect date. These bugs have been fixed.
  • Changing the window size during registration sometimes resulted in an error message. This bug has been fixed.
  • It is now possible to create new quotes via the product page again.
  • We have ensured that quantity changes in quote line items are reliably transferred when purchasing and vice versa.