This release allows B2B product lists to be imported as CSV. We have also improved the function of some scaled price features.


  • Headings for the invoice and delivery address on orders are now correctly translated into the respective language.
  • The scaled price dialogue, which is shown on the purchasing board when the ‘scaled price info’ button is clicked, is now also localised.

B2B Suite

  • Product lists can be imported as CSV in the portal configuration.
  • In the scaled price info on the purchasing board, the supplier name was sometimes shown instead of the alias. This bug has been fixed.
  • If a distributor does not deliver to certain regions, and has configured this accordingly, and a B2B customer from one of these regions places an order in the portal, then this order will not be processed automatically via order automation.
  • Customers are now also able to register themselves for a portal if the email address has already been used in another portal or on the platform.