This week, we optimised the behaviour of the sources of supply list, as well as fixing some bugs.


  • We have made sure that the selected country can also be changed for quotes where ‘no tax’ has been set.
  • Failed orders were stuck in ‘currently being transmitted’ status after being resent. This bug has been fixed.

B2B Suite

  • In the category management, the function of the checkbox for visibility has been changed. The checkbox is selected (ticked) if the category is visible instead of interpreting a selected checkbox as ‘hidden’.
  • Fixed prices now also take into account the gross/net price settings that have configured for the portal.
  • We have fixed several errors in the sorting process for the sources of supply. For example, products with a fixed price markup are sorted correctly and sources of supply without a price are displayed at the end of the list.
  • When changing the customer in the portal administration, the button to prepare the customer mode is now displayed correctly.