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Release Notes for Update 2020.04

Apart from fixing a few bugs, this update allows B2B Suite proprietors to add a signature to introductory E-Mails and specify whether a portal offers user specific shopping carts.

B2B Suite

  • Proprietors can now add a custom signature to introductory E-Mails.
  • Hiding SKUs now works reliably when Product IDs are deactivated altogether.
  • Within the portal configuration, there is now an option to only offer user specific shopping carts.

Purchase Orders & Sales Orders

  • In the company statisticslinks to the subpages “Price list import report”, “Distributor comparison report” and “Manufacturer comparison report” are shown.
  • The “Stopautomaticprocessing” field in an Opentrans Order can now be processed as well.
  • The calculation of the optimisation difference did not include the savings from lower shipping costs correctly. This bug has been fixed.

Suppliers & Prices

  • IntuITech GmbH has been added to ITscope.