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Release Notes for Update 2019.48

This week’s update features order tracing in the shopping board. In addition to the ability to skip the “prepared order” already in the Test Lab, we are approaching the goal of an easier checkout of the shopping cart on ITscope and the B2B Suite portals.

These enhancements are accompanied by filters for the Salesboard and some Quality of Live enhancements for the Platform and B2B Suite.

After moving into the new datacenter and providing additional new and more powerful servers, improving the usability of a price calculation and simplifying the checkout process are on the roadmap in the final weeks of this year.

Sales order & purchase order

  • The Purchasing Board can now be switched between the “Shopping Cart” and “Order Tracking” views. In the order tracking you can see all sent orders separated by the order status. This feature is now available to all users. In combination with the feature in the Test Lab to skip the prepared order column and by hiding the column “Hide Sent Orders” in the settings of the Purchasing Board, a picture of our goal to simplify procurement slowly emerges.
  • In the Salesboard and with the API 2.1, orders that have already been confirmed can now be cancelled by the seller.
  • In the Salesboard it is now possible to filter your sales orders by B2B portal, type, order channel and buyer.

B2B Suite

  • Customers with products that previously only had a price “on request” can now initiate a price request by e-mail in the B2B suite. This is sent to the e-mail address specified in the order conditions for the customer group. If no e-mail address is specified there, the e-mail is sent to all users of the B2B operator who have the right to sell.
  • In the display settings of a portal it is now possible to define whether a click on a URL (e.g. Legal Notice / General Terms and Conditions / Privacy Policy) opens this URL in the same tab or in a new tab. The setting option can be found directly under the configuration of the corresponding URLs. By default, URLs are opened in the same tab.
  • For inviting new employees of a customer for a portal, a predefined template was used as the introductory text for each e-mail. If a portal operator wishes to adapt this template, he can do so from now on in the settings of the respective portal. Note: The template refers exclusively to the introductory text (salutation and introduction). The signature and all other footer elements, for example, are not affected.

Suppliers & Prices

  • For an EDI order for Siewert & Kau, the end customer reference number is now also transmitted. Furthermore, order responses from Siewert & Kau can now contain a delivery date per item.
  • Realtime prices can be set up at the distributor CarTFT and thus displayed on ITscope.

Company & Account

  • Account holders of a German company can now also choose PayPal and invoice as payment methods.
  • We regularly inspect that our e-mails are displayed correctly in common mail clients. Very old clients, such as Lotus Notes, have often found it difficult to display our buttons and links in the mails. That’s why all mails now contain a button and a link in plain text.
  • The technical organizational measures (TOMs) can now be downloaded from the account page.