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Release Notes for Update 2019.39

Price calculations within ITscope.com and the B2B Suite have received a major overhaul and are now more flexible. Apart from the product type, the parameters “Manufacturer” and “Supplier” have been added, giving proprietors the opportunity to create price rules based on these options. Furthermore, new portal customization features have been added, including the creation of a personal welcome message for customers and the ability to the adjust the dashboards tile sizes.

Product catalogue

  • In order to give proprietors a wider range of price calculation choices, price rules now include the option of adding manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Additionally, a support article has been added that details all the feature’s ins and outs.

B2B Suite

  • In order to structure the portal configuration as clearly as possible the presentation and picture section have been moved to their own tab and can be found under “Appearance”.
  • Additionally, the domain, notification and legal information settings have been moved to the new “Portal settings” tab.
  • Proprietors can now configure a custom welcome message in the customer group tab. This message will be displayed on the dashboard.
  • Dashboard tile size can now be adjusted in the customer group tab. This enables proprietors to set all tiles to an equal size.
  • The separation between portal based configurations and the overall configuration has been ensured.

Suppliers & Interfaces

  • Sovamax Trading GmbHHirsch & Ille Handels GmbH  and Rainbow Sales LTD have been added to ITscope.
  • In order to clearly communicate changes, E-service modifications, particularly parameter changes, are now visible via stream.