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Release Notes for update 2019.36

B2B Suite proprietors are now able to view statistics regarding customers and their activity. Print templates for quotes have become more flexible and the purchasing board allows you to complete orders elsewhere.

B2B Suite

  • In order to grant proprietors more insight, customer statistics are now displayed in the shop configuration.
  • In order to simplify the creation of product assortments, the assortment type is now explained in detail.
  • Incoming order confirmation e-mails have been overhauled. In order to guarantee data protection, customer names are no longer displayed in order confirmation e-mails. In the case of a proprietor placing an order in a customer shop, the customer firm will be displayed.
  • If a proprietor enters the customer view, the user menu now displays the correct information.
  • The option “hide column for placed orders” has been removed from the purchase board settings, if the user is connected via Coupa or SAP Ariba.


  • The print templates for quotes have been upgraded. Now personal letterheads can be applied to all pages.
  • When sending a quote via e-mail, multiple receivers can be added via CC.

Order & Purchase Order

  • Within the purchase board, orders can now be completed elsewhere, if the order has been completed in another manner (for example via phone).
  • When copying an order to a shopping cart, a specific cart can be chosen as the target.
  • Enlarged carts now display the prices correctly.
  • In order to make the purchasing board more clear, errors are now displayed in the shopping cart column.
  • The dialogues for serial numbers and shipping documents have been optimized. When switching between different orders, the dialogues now show and hide correctly.

Suppliers & Interfaces

  • Order to the distributor imcopex will now be relayed to their EDI system.


  • The API 2.1, which is currently in a testing phase, has been extended. For the endpoints `/business/deals/advise`, `/business/deals/confirm`, `/business/deals/invoice` and `/business/deals/reject`, the status  ‘suppressMail’ can now be applied. This allows for a status change without notifying the customers.