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Release notes for update 2019.28

General improvements and bug fixes

  • On the product page, errors in the product data can now be reported using an appropriate form.
  • Orders are no longer filtered out when retrieved via the API if the supplier has been deactivated in the meantime.
  • The price calculation now always uses current prices and sources of supply with good allocation quality.
  • On the product side, sorting by price has been corrected. Sources of supply without prices are now always at the end of the list.
  • In order to increase the clarity on the sales board, the titles of the individual order cards were revised there.
  • In order to promote readability, Euro prices are now formatted with a thousand separator.
  • Loading diagrams now also works correctly in Internet Explorer.
  • When importing individual price lists, it is now also possible to enter the authentication data via the URL.
  • On the product page the table “Data Sheet” has been renamed to “Technical Data”.
  • On the page “Price calculation” the inactive checkbox “Secure prices” has been removed.
  • In the order confirmation e-mail, the name of the recipient is now used in the salutation.

B2B Suite

  • Shop operators can now manually trigger order automation in the sales board.
  • In cases where sales prices are displayed in the B2B shop, the system now displays a message indicating whether the sales tax is included.
  • If the B2B customer has several suppliers to choose from, he can now see which supplier determines the price of the product in a tooltip at the sales price on the product page.
  • For automated B2B suite orders, the document number and date from the distributor order are now correctly transferred to the B2B suite order.
  • In the right activity stream, the person who initiated the order is now displayed again in automated B2B suite orders.
  • With the order automation of the B2B Suite, the status “Invoiced” is no longer transferred from the distributor order to the B2B Suite order.
  • As a customer, I see the message “No longer available in the product selection” for a collection item in the shop that is no longer offered.
  • An order limit can now be set for B2B shop customers. If a customer exceeds the limit, his order is blocked.