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Release notes for update 2019.27

General improvements and bug fixes

  • The layout of the card heads in the shopping and sales board has been adapted so that they break better in narrow resolutions.
  • Fixed a display error in the quotes so that the address selection is only displayed as editable if it is.
  • Corrected problem where columns without orders were not displayed in the correct width on the shopping board.
  • After successful registration you will be logged in directly and won’t get an unnecessary hint anymore.
  • The prices of the product search result list now always correspond to the price of the open detail area, even if prices are reloaded via real-time.
  • The order documents can now be downloaded on the platform without API authorization to retrieve order methods.
  • Quotation printing can now be downloaded to the platform without API permission to retrieve quotation methods.
  • The net values for the street prices are now calculated on the basis of the VAT according to the country setting of the price provider.

B2B Suite

  • Products of the shop are now marked as “On request” if no price has been defined for them.
  • In B2B suites that are used without visible suppliers, the correct stock level is now displayed in the shopping cart.
  • Category tree sheets containing a product file as a predefined product selection will only be displayed if the product file has been added to the assortment.