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Release notes für update 2019.24

General improvements

  • A client number can now be optionally noted for all addresses.
  • The expected delivery date is now also displayed in the order search if it has been specified by the distributor.
  • With the help of the quick search, orders can now be found by serial number or package number.
  • The styling of the “Track Delivery” popup to display tracking information on orders has been redesigned.

B2B Suite

  • In B2B shops where order automation is used, the button for partial delivery is no longer displayed in the detail view for prepared orders. This button now depends on the e-Service settings of the shop assistant at the corresponding distributor.
  • A category can now be defined with any already created product selections (files, lists, filters) by inclusion and exclusion.
  • With product filters no more product lists can be specified as inclusion and exclusion. From now on, this should be done either in the shop assortment or in the category itself.