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Release notes for update 2019.16

Improved functions and bug fixes

  • The new improved PDF generation is now active for all users of the platform. In case of problems, this can be temporarily deactivated via the test lab.
  • Problems using the property filters in the product search have been fixed. The filters are now easier to use with the keyboard and no longer close when a space is entered in the filter search.
  • The dialog for adding tags to companies and offers can now be reliably opened again.
  • In rare cases, adding products to collections failed because the product could no longer be loaded. In this case, a meaningful error message is displayed.
  • The file name of PDF datasheet downloads no longer contains a duplicate manufacturer identifier and is adapted to the set language.

B2B Suite

  • As a shop operator I have the possibility to forbid a single customer to edit the billing address.
  • An error when creating a new category in the administration of the B2B shop categories has been fixed.
  • The B2B shop operator can now decide for the customer group whether the article numbers of the distributor are displayed for the affected customers in the shop. The corresponding setting can be made in the “Supplier selection” section of a customer group.
  • If several product files contain a product, all prices from the product files are displayed, not just one as before.
  • In the B2B customer group you can now define whether the top products or the product categories are displayed as the start page and in the sidebar.

Content / Listings

  • New distributors listed in ITscope: ITZ Informationstechnologie GmbH, Tomax Technology Ltd. and Platinum Components Ltd.