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Release Notes for update 2019.14

Improved features

  • The performance for loading products in the project view has been significantly improved.

B2B Suite

  • Product categories are now displayed in all available languages. If a category is not translated into the selected language, a fallback is displayed (1. EN, 2. DE)
  • It is now possible to jump directly from an assortment definition to the product selections used.
  • Better search behavior in the area of assortment definition of customer groups.
  • The individual categories of the shop management category tree now show a warning if the underlying product selection is incorrect.
  • There is now a button in the header area that allows you to jump directly to the shopping cart.
  • Fixed a bug where no top products were displayed when an assortment was used with all products.
  • The list of customer groups now shows a preview of the assortment size.
  • The list of customer profiles now shows a summary of product selections.
  • In the shop management, the addresses of a customer can now also be changed or new ones created.
  • The customer group informs you if the assortment used is incorrect.
  • Temporarily, B2B customers will be able to invite remote colleagues to the shop until we have ensured the reliable sending of e-mails.


  •  New distributors listed:
  • Portfolio expansion of the listed products of EET Europarts Austria to almost 1 million products.
  • Individual price list can now be set up at the distributor Travion.
  • Line of Core i processors vob i3 to i9 is now corrected and provides better model names.

Your feedback matters:

Our feedback area allows you to share your ideas and requests with us at any time, giving you direct influence on the further development of the ITscope platform. Also, you may see from the published-tab of the feedback area all features that have been requested by other users and implemented by us already.

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