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Release notes for update 2019.12

New Features

  • On the product page, positions in the table for accessories can now be added to the shopping cart directly via a button.
  • Error messages on the shopping and sales board were adapted to the design of the cards.
  • The button for expanding and collapsing the entire cart column has been removed from the column header. This feature is still available on a single card.

B2B Suite

  • For B2B customers, we’ve included a tree-like product group navigation in the main menu that helps customers navigate the catalog exploratively.
  • In the shop management area, the product group filters for the categories are now expanded by default.
  • A separate admin right (B2B shop administrator) was introduced for the B2B shops, so that it is no longer necessary to assign the admin right to configure shops.
  • The look of the EmptySpace hints in the shop area has been improved.

Bug fixes

  • Sorting in order by vendor has been renamed vendor and now works correctly again in all cases.
  • Fixed an issue printing bug so that the data in the letterhead would be correctly located again in all cases.
  • In a quote, using the “Display only total price” button sometimes resulted in an empty table under the “Offer” tab although there were items. We have now resolved this bug.
  • Calculating the margin on an offer now works without error if the absolute margin is deleted.

Your feedback matters:

Our feedback area allows you to share your ideas and requests with us at any time, giving you direct influence on the further development of the ITscope platform. Also, you may see from the published-tab of the feedback area all features that have been requested by other users and implemented by us already.

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