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Release notes for update 2019.20

General improvements

  • Orders to the distributor computeruniverse will be transferred to their EDI system immediately.
  • Orders to the distributor Comline are now being transferred to the EDI system for customers who have been activated.
  • Orders to Distributor Travion are now being transferred to their EDI system.
  • For all PDFs that are sent by e-mail, spaces in the file name are replaced by underscores to ensure compatibility with certain e-mail programs (Apple Mail).
  • The print offer now also contains the customer number, if this has been defined.
  • The customer number in the company tab “Account with us” is now correctly displayed by manufacturers.
  • The allocation of customer numbers for self-employed companies under the company tab “Account with us” is now stored correctly / displayed and taken over into the offer.

B2B Suite

  • If the status is changed for an order created by the order automation, the status is also updated in the corresponding B2B shop order.
  • In the customer management of the B2B Suite, the operator can now see in detail which address fields of an invalid address have to be corrected.