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Release Notes for update 2019.17

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused images uploaded by a user to have a small border cut off at certain aspect ratios. The improvements include company logos, avatars, and product images.

B2B Suite

  • When adding a product, after clicking on the button “Add to cart”, you can now change the quantity again.
  • SAP customers can now log in and transfer a shopping basket via an OCI punchout.
  • To facilitate manual product selection, the system now displays better error messages in the event of an error.
  • We have introduced a first proposal for an Apple CTO configurator. The display can be adjusted via the customer group.
    It is important to note that all Apple products must be in the range as well as the supplier ALSO Germany must be in the customer group.
  • In the B2B shop administration, I will be notified as a shop operator if a customer has an incorrect address.
  • In the B2B shop administration the new entries are reliably displayed in the detail area after the creation of new entries (customers, customer groups, etc.).
  • The name of the user has led to confusion in a few places and was therefore removed at the appropriate places:
    • The hint who accepted an automated order has been removed from the purchasing area’s activity stream.
    • The orderer’s name has been removed from the delivery address of orders.
    • The customer’s name has been removed from the order preview.