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Release notes for update 2019.15

Improved features

  • Fixed an issue where the context on the purchasing tab of ​​a quote was not updated correctly.
  • Fixed a bug which occured while copying quotes with hidden positions. In some cases it was possible that not all selected items were copied the cart of the new quote.
  • The sorting of each transaction in the transaction history of an order is now more accurate at very small time intervals.
  • On the procurement and sales volume chart, the total volume is now splitted by platform, API, shop, and automated orders.

B2B Suite

  • In the case of the distributor orders created by shop automation, the option “Use own delivery note” is now activated, if the distributor supports it and it is activated in the own e-service configuration.
  • When adding products to the home page, the correct price is now displayed in the top right corner of the shopping cart overview.
  • The “Add to cart” dialog is no longer displayed, but the product is placed directly on the shopping cart selected in the top right corner.
  • Products that are promoted on the B2B front page are now sorted by ITscope ranking.
  • Shop operators now have the option of completely blocking the editing and adding of addresses for individual customers.

Your feedback matters:

Our feedback area allows you to share your ideas and requests with us at any time, giving you direct influence on the further development of the ITscope platform. Also, you may see from the published-tab of the feedback area all features that have been requested by other users and implemented by us already.

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